Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's "slept with the devil" tweets


Excellent episode today. A lot of shizz hit the fan.

Mel and Abby run into each other outside the Pub. Abby asks to have coffee with her. #days

Austin asks "wth am I going to do?" while looking at Abby's text asking him about their dinner. #days

Brady tells Madison he loves her, and leaves. Ian pops out and scares the bat crap out of her. #days

Will packs boxes. Sami wants him to stay. I like her cute sweater. Will calls Sami "a lying slut." Sami won't let him leave w/o talking.

Rafe shows up knocking on the door. #days

J&M and Bope are waiting for Carrie at the penthouse. Carrie shows up. She says they legally can't get an annulment. #days

Abby says she wants to talk about their friendship. Mel says nothing is going on with Chad. Abby asks for forgiveness. #days

Madison tries to get take out for Ian. He grabs her arm roughly, and tells her she is not going anywhere. #days

Rafe tells Will he moved out. Will says, "you told him about EJ?" Rafe says, "told me what about Ej?" rah roh #days

Abby starts telling Mel about her mystery guy. #days

Brady runs into Austin at the Horton Sq. Brady announces he has proposed to Madison. #days

Ian asks if Victor found a new CEO yet. Madison thinks it was a mistake to turn it down. Ian is down right creepy. #days

Carrie says the marriage can't get annulled due to the fact it was consummated. #days

Carrie tells them they can still get divorced. But....there's a catch... #days

Sami fibs and tells Rafe that Will is talking about EJ paying for his apartment. #days

I don't like Madison, but I really don't like this alleged strong, independent woman being under some guy's thumb. #fail #days

Austin asks Brady what if Madison says no? #days Austin says most women say yes immediately. lol

Austin tells Brady that he is having marital problems. Brady calls Carrie/Austin a "super couple." #days

Abby tells Mel that she and Chad would make a great couple. Abby is so full of shizz. #days

Carrie says Jope has to get divorced in person in Alamaina, which will take at least 2 weeks. #days

Will asks why Rafe moved out. Rafe says he messed up. Will is shocked that Sami threw out Rafe after all she's done. #days

Rafe excuses himself to get his cell charger in his bedroom. Will rails into Sami. She tells him about the Cafe kiss. #days

Will doesn't care about the Cafe kiss. He tells Sami she "slept with the devil." Rafe enters the room. #days

Carrie tells Marlena that she and Austin are working on their marriage. #days

Austin tells Brady to go tell Madison how he feels about her. #days

Madison denies she's involved with Brady to Ian. #days

Rafe leaves. Will says Sami is "sick." Amen. #days

Abby tells Mel she is going to look for her man. Carrie joins Austin at the Horton Sq. #days Carrie doesn't want to ruin her marriage.

Carrie says she's glad everything is out in the open now. #days

Brady knocks on Madison's door. Ian opens it. #days

Austin wants to move back to Switzerland. Abby sees Caustin kissing. #days

Johnny wakes up looking for Rafe. #days

Will spies Rafe at the Pub. He apologizes for his mom. Rafe thinks Sami is upset about something else. #Days

J&M and Bope decide to go to Alamainia. #days

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