Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's "pimp cane" tweets


Here are Friday's tweets.

Victor has Maggie, Brady, Madison, and Ian over the K-Mansion. Maggie looks fabulous btw. #days

Bope & J&M meet at the penthouse. Roman's there too. #days

Everyone cheers for Lexie to take the podium. She leaves. #days

State and Ejole watching Abe's speech on tv. #days

Victor announces Ian as the new CEO of Titan. #days

I just noticed Kate's pantyhose. Pretty cool. @laurenkoslow #days

Abe tells Jen that Lexie knows the truth. #days The DiMeras wonder where Lexie is.

Nicole keeps telling EJ & State to wait and see what's in store. #days

Brady tries to take a swing at Ian, who breaks out his pimp cane on Brady. lmfao #days

Stefano says EJ doesn't know what to do with his life. Stefano still hasn't opened the envelope. #days

Abe tells Lexie not to blame Jen for cheating. I would say she definitely should share the blame. Cheating was her idea. #days

J&M and Bope at the airport. Marlena and Bo have visa problems. #days

Kate's thinking of Ian. Stefano knows she's bothered by something. #days

Magic is not happy with Ian. Victor calls him "duplicitous." Victor rescinds his offer of CEO. Ian says it's too late. #days

Nicole tries to stop EJ from making a concession speech. Jen rubs it in his face. #days

Lexie said that Abe helped her not turn into a DiMera like Stefano and EJ. She leaves. #days

John called Vivian off screen. Jope flashback! omg..... #days

Marlena has a flashback of learning of Jope sub sex. lol #days

Stefano offers to help Kate in case there is something she can't handle. They kiss. #days

Nicole gets a call. Jen gets a call. Jen's not happy. Lexie is crying. EJ finds her. #days

EJ tells Abe that Abe beat him "fair and square." Lexie rolls her eyes and leaves. #days

Nicole tells EJ and Abe that there is an irregularity, and the election is being challenged. #days

Ian tells Victor he already signed his contract. Victor is pissed, he leaves to call his attorney. Maggie leaves Bradison alone. #days

Kate leaves Stefano to go to work. Stefano grabs the envelope. #days

Jen tells Abe that there is an accusation of ballot tampering. Jen says she refused 2 have the ballots tampered. Jen thinks they were set up

Stefano is not happy with the envelope's contents. #days Kate thinks about Ian trying to kiss her. He shows up. #days

Victor wouldn't be in this mess if he would have just appointed Justin head of Titan. #days

Roman shows up at the Horton Sq. The guy who offered to help Jen is arrested. Lexie overhears & recognizes the guy. #days

Lexie asks Abe "what have you done?" Lexie tells Abe in front of Roman about the debate questions being switched on EJ. #days

Maggie tells Victor that he was about to blame her for Ian being the CEO. That's true in a way, because Victor would still be CEO w/o her.

Ian tells Kate they have powerful chemistry. They kiss. #days

Bo and Marlena aren't going to make it to Alamania after all. #days

Lexie says she doesn't know who Abe is anymore & leaves. Roman takes Abe down to the police station. #days

Stefano turns on the tv, and learns about the recount. He sits down and cries over the paper in the envelope. #days

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