Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's "indiscretions" tweets


Today's episode of Days of our Lives is a must-see. Here are my live tweets while watching the show.

Carrie & Rafe have a new client who thinks her husband is cheating on her. #days

Jen and Abe practice for the debate. #days

Abe feels bad about lying to Lexie. Lexie steps into the room at Jen's. #days

Nicole still thinks that Will has something on EJ. #days

Sami wants Will to tell her what he knows. #days

Getting ready for the debate at the Horton Sq. EJole, the Carvers, and Jen show up. #days

Getting ready for the debate at the Horton Sq. EJole, the Carvers, and Jen show up. #days

No opening speeches at the debate? Bummer #days

Oh no. EJ wants a commission to figure out how to use Salem U to boost Salem's economy. #days

I do not understand how Abe as mayor is going to expand Salem U. That's not his job, that is the U's job. #days

Carrie's still bashing Austin to Rafe. I don't get it. Austin is trying to save his marriage, Carrie isn't trying at all. #days

Will drops the Ejami sex bomb to Sami. Sami's jaw hits the floor of her loft. #days

Holy cow. Sami is actually trying to deny having sex with EJ. #days

Damn. Will calls Sami "a whore." #days

During a break in the debate, EJ figures out that Abe had the questions before hand and gave him the wrong ones. #days

Will tells Sami that he will keep her secret. He hates her and doesn't want her in his life. #days

EJ is actually accusing Abe of lacking in moral character. Luckily for EJ, the Sq has a roof, thus he cannot be struck by lightning. #days

Lexie is disgusted again by her brother. Abe says that what EJ has done personally/professionally is much worse than an "indiscretion."

Will congratulates Sami for being just like her mother. #days

Lexie said she wouldn't be able to bite her tongue if she was in the debate. That's a good idea. Lexie v EJ debate! #days

67% of voters think Abe won the debate. #days The other 33% were too busy staring at EJ's handsomeness.

Rafe and Carrie figure out that their client's husband isn't cheating, he's planning a surprise party. Rafe & Carrie celebrate by cheating.

EJole accuses Abe of cheating. #days

Will goes to the Pub and sees Sonny's friends. They invite him to a party. He accepts. #days

Sami walks in on Rafe and Carrie orally exchanging breath mints. #days


  1. Yep the Will/Sami made the episode great but finally Will has to accept that people have flaws, his mother is not perfect, far from it to say the least but he is not an angel ,neither is his so called 'hero' Rafe..time to get some reality check Will : human-beings are flawed maybe some more than others but still they have the right to be loved ..maybe one day he will learn to accept his mother for who she is and will tell her that he is gay.

    Otherwise i am a politic addict but this soap version is ridiculous and boring, Ej is now a one-note pseudo villian loser, Nicole is pathetic and useless..this couple makes me want to vomit..can she go away finally..the complex Ej Dimera between good and bad who did not use hypocrisy as much is dead..sad.

    Other parts of the show : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Sami is getting exactly what she deserves from Will. He confronted her with what he witnessed and she tried to lie her way out of it.
    Everything he said to her was right on. He is the adult in their relationship and has been since he was a child. All all she has ever done to Will is lie to him and use him all his life trying to hang on to men that didn't love her. Sami is a little more than merely flawed, she is a self-centered, evil hypocrit. And guess what, when Will does "come out", Sami will make it all about her. She can't see beyond herself.

  3. I disagree Anonymous : maybe what you said was true when she was a teenager and obsessed with Austin as the 'big hero' who would make her life better but after that not so much..example : when she became dating Ej back in 2006, Will was against it (and he did not know anything about Ej at first so it was not because he was a 'Dimera' or 'evil') and guess what ? She dumped Ej because she wanted Will to be happy, another time she did hide her pregnancy from Ej because she wanted her children (included Will) to have a stable life away from the Dimera therefore she chose Rafe 'the stable man' making Will happy in the process..oh and when she was with Brandon, at least for a time she was in a 'stable' relationship which could have make Will happy..but no he was a brat..moreover Lucas was as much a 'bad parent'(kidnapping him while being drunk and causing a major car accident ect..) to Will but everything was and still is Sami's yeah she is/was pretty flawed (as all interesting and complex fictional or even some real life person are) but others are too..but no he only blames her, talk about double-standards and self-righteous hypocrisy..
    Will is also flawed and to be somewhat 'fair' he has to learn how to be insightful and accept his mother.