Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's "deja vu" tweets


Super boring episode of Days of our Lives today. But we do get to see Bryan Dattilo for a whopping two seconds.

Madison shows up at the K-Mansion to see Brady. #days

Kate's wondering where Stefano is. Ian shows up at her door. He says its a business meeting. #days

Sami meets Will at the Horton Sq. She is trying to figure out what is going on with him. #days

While Hope is dressing, John enters the room. Wow, we actually get a newish looking hotel room set. #days

Sami is sincerely trying to reconnect with Will. #days Ian tells Kate he has info about her company.

Jope filed their divorce papers and had to turn over their passports. They are being watched outside a restaurant. #days

Will tells Sami that he's really messed up. #days Madison tells Brady she still loves him.

Ian tells Kate the truth about why Sami is working for her. Sami's spying on Kate for Madison. #days

John remembers that Hope used to order a lobster cob salad. John's getting deja vu. So are the #days fans. lol

Sami tells Will she's there for him if he needs her. Then she complains how she's blamed when something is wrong with Will. #days

Will pulls away from his mom, and accuses her of making everything about her. #days

Ian taunts Kate that Madison and Sami pulled a fast one on her. #days Madison tells Brady she asked for a divorce.

Hope remembers an angel in a church there. She leaves. John meets Spencer. #days

Kate asks Ian what is in it for him to tell her about Sami being a mole. Good question. #days

Madison still is trying to convince Brady to reconcile with her. Sami fails to reconcile with Will. #days

John is not happy that he's been out of the loop in regards to the ISA investigation Stefano. #Days

Sami shows up at the DiMansion. Brady turns Madison down to be her other man. #days

Will runs into Ian. Ian knows who he is. #days Kate tells Sami there's a spy at Countess W.

Hope rejoins John. #days

Kate wants Sami to catch the mole. Kate threatens to go to the police with the info. #days

Madison leaves the K-Mansion in tears. Sami calls Lucas! He looks super yummy! #days

One of the ISA agents gets stabbed with a syringe at the restaurant. lame #days

Lauren Koslow interview


Great interview by Lauren Koslow on why Kate Roberts does what she does on Days of our Lives.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's "hot mess" tweets


Loved seeing drunken Abe.

With Kate not in her room, Madison's anti Ian again. He enters her hotel room. #days

Abe is drunk at the Pub with Jenn. Kayla's tending bar. Kay asks for Bo's help with Abe. #days

E.J. is outside the Pub on his phone. Nicole insists she cannot be pregnant to Daniel. #days

Ian tells Madison that he has her back. Madison's mad that he told her not to take the CEO of Titan's job. #days

Daniel asks if Nicole doubts her pregnancy because of EJ. EJ continues to leave voice mails to her. #days

In thirty years, we've never seen drunken Abe! #days Kayla tries to get EJ to leave the Pub. Abe is not happy to see him. #days

Bo is really restraining Abe from beating up EJ. Go get him tiger! lol #days

Ian doesn't believe that Madison is upset about losing the Titan job. She asks him to let her go. #days

EJ tells Abe that he's happy that Lexie saw Abe for the man he is. He winks, and leaves. #days

Abe should have had Kayla be his campaign manager instead of Jen. Kayla schools Jen on what a smear campaign is. #days

Abe should have had Kayla be his campaign manager instead of Jen. Kayla schools Jen on what a smear campaign is. #days

EJ finds out Nicole is at the hospital. Nicole insists EJ has nothing to do with her doubting her pregnancy. #days

Daniel offers to run another test if Nicole will relax and breathe. #days Nicole's afraid of another miscarriage.

EJ walks into Nicole's room. She tells him she's there because of what he did to her. You can say that again. #days

Abe confesses to Bo about switching the debate questions. Abe's told 2 cops knowing full well neither will squeal on him. #days

I don't like seeing Abe down like this, but we all hit bottom in our lives. #days Gives Jim Reynolds good stuff to play finally.

Jen sees Daniel at the hospital. Ian tells Madison she wants a divorce because of Brady. #days

Nicole tells EJ she passed out because the Ejami sex bomb made her sick. Nicole says she can never trust him again. #days

"Brady is my soulmate," says Madison. Man, I really detest the word "soulmate." #days

Daniel asks how things are going with Jack. Kayla, Bo and Abe talk about Stefano manipulating Jope. #days

EJ tells Nicole he should have told her sooner. She said she would have left then. Nicole says they are through. #days

Jen tells Dan that Jack told her that he's not good for her. She said it hurt, but she agrees. Dan wants to go back to work. #days

EJ doesn't accept that Ejole is over. He wants them back together. Nicole cries while cradling her belly. #days

Jen asks Dan if he's ok. He says he is, she leaves. #days

Kayla and Bo talk about Bo having to work for EJ. Kayla tries to cheer Bo and Abe up. #days

Nicole wants EJ out of her room. Dan announces he has her test results. #days

Ian tells Madison that he loved her once like she loves Brady. He won't let her go. He doesn't let go of his "acquisitions." #days

Ian tells Madison to clean up, and calls her a "hot mess." #days

Oh no. Bo has an idea. #days

Missed the last few minutes of #days. Did I miss anything good?

Ian Buchanan now on Twitter!


Appears to be legit considering who is following him. Ian Buchanan portrays Ian McAllister on Days of our Lives.

UPDATE: Confirmed! It is him.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's "please stop talking" tweets


Pretty good eppy today. Killer acting by Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith, and Arianne Zucker

I'm a little late. Daniel is with Nicole at the Horton Sq. #days

Rafe drops the Ejami sex bomb on Carrie. He throws a box in disgust. #days

Carrie says she understands Sami's grief sex. I'm sure she's filing that in her head to use when she cheats on Austin again. #days

Marlena denies dropping the bomb, so does Will. Marlena thinks they can work it out. Sami says Marlena is hurting everyone. #days

Daniel is lending an ear to Nicole and her problems. Nicole passes out in his arms, thus the beginning of "Dickhole" = Nicole & Daniel.

Rafe blames himself for his marriage ending. Carrie puts her hands on his arm, and said it's not his fault. #days

Will defends Marlena. Will points out that Marlena didn't make Sami have sex with EJ. #days

Will wants to leave. Marlena wants him to stay to finish their conversation. Sami tells him not to trust Marlena. #days

Marlena tells Sami to "please stop talking." lmfao #days Will leaves.

Nicole's in a hospital room with Dan. He ran tests on her. Nicole stops him from calling EJ. Nicole doesn't want anyone called. #days

Rafe tells Carrie he shouldn't have told his marital problems to her. Duh. Rafe's finally getting pissed off at what Sami did. #days

Carrie has Rafe leave with her. #days

Marlena tells Sami to stop being self absorbed for once. lol Good luck on that. #days

Will tells Sonny about telling Marlena about kissing a guy. Then Sami came in and made everything about her. #days

awww Will starts crying and says he has no family anymore. #days

Daniel asks Nicole to vent to him. She tells him that EJ made her fall for her, then betrayed her in the worst way. #days

Carrie recounts the Caroline/Victor affair to Rafe. One of the best #days storylines ever.

Funny how Carrie is encouraging Rafe to work things out with Sami, yet she doesn't really try that hard to save her own marriage. #days

Will denies being gay after kissing a guy. Yeah, Sonny can't believe it either. lol #days

Marlena reminds Sami that Will used to live with Carrie and Austin in Switzerland. Wow. Sami has bags under her eyes. #days

Nicole tells Daniel about EJ cheating on her again. Dan thinks she's being too hard on herself. She hates EJ, and starts freaking out.

Marlena won't tell Sami what is up with Will. Sami needs to talk to him herself. #days

Will doesn't know what to do with his feelings or where to start. #Days

Dan offers to call Brady. She says she doesn't need anyone, she's on her own. #days

Rafe asks how Caustin is doing. She tells him about the romantic getaway. #days

Will tells Sonny that his family won't be understanding of him. #days

Marlena tells Sami to put her family back together. Sami disowns Marlena. #days

Carrie asks Rafe if he move past Sami's cheating. He doesn't know. #days

Daniel tells Nicole that she's pregnant. She laughs it off at first, then it hits her. #days

Diva's 76th blogtalkradio show ready for playback!


Diva's 76th blogtalkradio show is ready for playback/download. We had a great time. lol

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Freddie Smith's Carl's Jr commercial


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

TV Guide interview with Bryan Dattilo


I'm shocked that Lumi reunites so quickly. Rafe who? You can read the full article here.

Friday's Mr. and Mrs. Black tweets


Great drama today on Days of our Lives. Jope is really bringing the show down. Hopefully this will end soon.

Some of us will do anything to get away from the Jope airline madness!

EJole kiss, Rafe pounds at the door of the DiMansion. Sami shows up to stop him from confronting EJ. #days

Jope at the airport. Oh yayness. More filler. #days some guy is staring at them, bored as we are. lol

Rafe breaks into the French doors, and starts beating the shizzle out of EJ. You'd think EJ would learn to duck by now. #days

EJ stops Nicole from calling the police. An Airline worker calls Jope, "Mr. and Mrs. Black" #days

Marlena thinks Stefano is going to turn John into the Pawn and Hope into Princess Gina. #days

Will tells Sonny that kissing Neil was just a drunken event. Sonny's not buying it. #days

Rafe drops the Ejami sex bomb on Nicole. She looks like she got a sucker punch to the gut. #days

Sonny is trying to get Will to face the truth, but he's in total denial #days

Port Charles is trending in the US.

Nicole doesn't want EJ to explain about EJami sex. #days

Will shows up at Marlena's. #days

Rafe and Sami fill Nicole in on when it happened. EJ said it was a mistake, Nicole said EJole is a mistake. #days

Sami tries to leave with Rafe, Nicole wants her to stay. #days

Rafe wants to know why Sami didn't turn to him when she thought Johnny died . She doesn't answer. #days

EJ said it was like an out of body experience. Nicole accuses him of being in love with Sami still. #days

Bo tells Carrie he knows why she and Rafe no longer work together. Carrie gets defensive and plays the Carly card on him. #days

Will cries on Marlena's shoulder asking her to tell him what to do. Killer performance by Chandler Massey. #days

Rafe tells Sami that they are over. #days

EJ wants a fresh start with Nicole. Sami said she wanted one with Rafe with the vow renewal. Rafe and Nicole aren't impressed #days

Still nothing going on with Jope at the airport. #days

Bo doesn't want Carrie making the same mistakes he did. This is actually a touching scene. #days

Will tells Marlena about beer pong and kissing a guy. Marlena is not that shocked. #days

Rafe tells everyone that Sami is self destructive. DUH. Who doesn't know that? #days

Rafe almosts attacks EJ again.#days

Bo wants Carrie to admit she wanted to kiss Rafe. #days

Will asks Marlena why she's not shocked he kissed a guy. He wants to know why she's not shocked. lmao Probably because we all knew a yr ago

EJ thinks Sami told Rafe. She said she didn't, and leaves. #days

EJ calls for the car to go look for Nicole. #days

Marlena tells Will she has suspected he's been gay for a long time. He wonders why she didn't tell him. #days

Bo asks Carrie if pursuing a relationship with Rafe is worth ruining her marriage, her relationship with Sami, and Sami's kids. #days

Will asks Marlena if she thinks he's gay? He's really really in denial. #days

Hope trips into John's arms. This is so dumb I would rather skip tweeting aboutt it. #Days

Sami bangs on Marlena's door. She accuses her of telling Rafe about EJami sex. #days

Carrie and Rafe see each other at their office. #days

Nicole screens EJ's phone call. Someone walks up on Nicole. She seems him and says, "You? What are you doing here?" #days

Diva's 76th blogtalkradio show!


Join us this Saturday at 10 pm est as the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends discuss the last week of the show. Topics include: Will's gay kiss, Sami and EJ getting busted, Carrie/Austin/Abby, Jope to Alamainia, Ian McAllister, and our interview with Beverly Todd who will portray Celeste Perrault in April.

Drake Hogestyn on twitter!


Yes it is official. Drake Hogestyn (John, Days of our Lives) is on twitter, but has not tweeted yet. This is according to his fan club president. You can follow Drake here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's beer pong tweets


Here are Thursday's live tweets while watching Days of our Lives. I wasn't impressed with Galen Gering's portrayal of Rafe finding out about EJami sex. He didn't seem upset and hurt enough for my liking.

Ejole come back to the DiMansion from their victory celebration. EJ has dinner by the fire ready to go. #days

Nicole forgot their 1 year anniversary. Can't say I blame her for forgetting about her 2nd wedding w EJ and Taylor. #days

Alamania refuses to give visas to Bo and Marlena. Good call on Alamania's part. lol #days

Will tells Marlena to stop making excuses for Sami's mistakes. Marlena wants Sami to confess to Rafe. #days

Don't forget to listen to our blogtalkradio interview with Beverly Todd! She will be playing Celeste on #days.

Sami accuses Marlena of turning Will against her so she can mother him herself. Oh, ok. Sure. #days

Bo wants to break into the DiMansion to look for the envelope. Oh please. We all know that envelope is in the desk in the living room. lol

Nicole pats herself on the back for being a good campaign manager. EJ talks about running for higher office. #EJforPrez2016 !

Will tells Sonny that he has to keep something a secret to protect his family. Sonny pries anyway. #days

Sonny says coming out brought his family together. Will says the secret is about his mom, not him. uh huh. lol #days

EJole decides to have sex on the floor instead of the super stained couch. Good call. #days

Hope says that Stefano must have a bigger plan for them in store. Someone's using their noodle. #days

Sami almost calls Rafe. But decides to keep her mouth shut. #days

Will drops the Ejami sex bomb on Sonny. Rafe overhears at the Pub. #days

Can we please get rid of the "sometimes my period is not awesome" commercial? Please? #days

Bo tells the gang how dangerous Alamania is. Like Salem is any safer. Horton the Tiger is still on the loose! #days

Nicole offers to rip up the EJole divorce papers. might want to hang on to those Nicole. #days

Sonny asks Will to go to a club with him. He agrees. #days

Rafe bangs on Safe's door. Sami opens it. Rafe asks how she could sleep with EJ? I hope Rafe gets angrier later. #days

Sami tells Rafe that sleeping with EJ was the biggest mistake of her life. This Safe fight is very underwhelming. I'm disappointed. #days

Why is there underage drinking going on at the Horton Square? I thought it was a family friendly? #days

Marlena tells John he has to call her three times a day. Yeah, guys don't like those kind of demands. lol #days

So what is the national slogan for Alamainia? "In Vivian we trust?" #days

Rafe doesn't have the right to bring up Sami's lying past when he looked past it their entire relationship #days

EJ gets on 1 knee 2 give Nicole a new ring. If EJole keeps breaking up and getting back together Nic will have a ring for all her fingers.

Will and his beer pong buddy roughly kiss underneath the bridge at Horton Square. #days

Oh now, Sami wants to work things out with Rafe. She accuses him of breaking up their family. Seriously? #days

Rafe leaves Sami's. Where has he been staying the night? #days

Bope and J&M finally say their goodbyes to their spouses. #days Sonny spies Will and Neil tongue joisting.

Sami calls EJ, but he's too busy proposing to Nicole again. Rafe's outside banging on the door. #days

Diva interviewed Beverly Todd! (nuCeleste)


Today, the Diva had the pleasure of interviewing Beverly Todd who will portray Celeste Perrault on Days of our Lives in April. You can listen to the interview here at 2 pm est. After 2, I will embed the interview in this blog.

Listen to internet radio with Diva of DOOL on Blog Talk Radio

Nadia Bjorlin to guest star on CSI


Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe, Days of our Lives) will appear on CSI in March. All the details about Nadia's character can be found here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Patrick Muldoon's twitter Q&A


Last week, Days of our Lives actor, Patrick Muldoon answered questions from tweeters. Feel free to email me any other actor Q&A's, and I will put them up.

@carrieandaustin. I punched lucas???

Thanx for questions tweet posse!!! Thanx Sabine!!! @TeamMuldoon I'm on side of the road!! LOL xooxox

"@allysm: @MuldoonPatrick @Bryan_Dattilo Ah.. You boys BOTH need to come to visit Toronto. :)" sure!!!

"@Pam72210: @MuldoonPatrick Would you consider being in a web series?" Of course!!

"@allysm: Have you both shared scenes with @Bryan_Dattilo?" BD is one of the funniest cats ever.. Had me in stiches the other day

"@Pam72210: @MuldoonPatrick What current primetime show would you like to guest star on?" Gossip girl

"@lolo_ishere: @MuldoonPatrick ok last hubby wants to know if he should be threatend by u.l" not unless u guys live in salem!

carrieandaustin: @MuldoonPatrick Much like the Promise Ring scene in 1994, it was a Holy Grail. :)" is it??? Is it on youtube?

"@FuiTing90: @MuldoonPatrick What is your favourite food? xo" I love BBQ anything and my mother makes a mean mostaccioli bolognese...

"@dawndemeo: @MuldoonPatrick @TeamMuldoon Favorite vacation destination?!?!?" I dig Paris

@allysm ... @KateMansi is awesome love working w her

"@Pam72210: @MuldoonPatrick If you could put the perfect woman together what would she consist of? :)" not touchin that one LOL

@carrieandaustin Tracy is great actress and was totally cool... The role of Carrie kinda "is" Christie Clark though u know?

@Chirpster4Brian. I watch myself on the show kind of like athlete watches tape.2 see ways I can improve And scenes I'm not in to see ...

@Chirpster4Brian and I watch scenes I'm. Not in to see what the heck is going on around town.. I'm a fan of my co-stars

@Pam72210 I'm william patrick muldoon the THIRD!!

"@SusieTVaddict: @MuldoonPatrick @iGeekSara that is adorable! Did you hit jukeboxes to get them to magically work, too?" Never wrked 4 me: )

"@lolo_ishere: @MuldoonPatrick my hubby wants to know what is your greatest flaw:)" hmmmm "impulsiveness" and I can think myself to death

"@Pam72210: @MuldoonPatrick What's your favmovie?" Is it too cliche to say "The Godfather" ??? Is it too feminine to say "The Notebook"?: )

"@Chirpster4Brian: @MuldoonPatrick What are 3 words that best describe you?" Yikes!! Uh.. Faithful, Adrenalized, Caffinated

"@Lisaday71: @MuldoonPatrick how long are you staying in Salem?" Till we make it no. 1 !!!

"@iGeekSara: @MuldoonPatrick what show did you grew up watching" was I was a little kid I loved- Happy Days- thought I was fonzi

"@mdoubleb: @MuldoonPatrick Who is your celebrity crush?" I had a massive jennifer aniston crush for a while... Don't tell kiriakus : )

@mdoubleb probably jen and julia roberts my celeb crushes... I get new crushes every day haha

"@missbrotherton9: @muldoonpatrick will do got new phone check it out who influence u to b actor?"- Marlon Brando- early Mickey Roarke

@missbrotherton9. cary grant too I have eclectic taste.. Brando.I saw "on the waterfront" when I was 18 and said " I want to do that!! "

"@2974shopping: @TeamMuldoon @MuldoonPatrick what workout regimen do u do 2 look so good" u r sweet.. I do a lot of jump rope and push ups..

@2974shopping .. Jump rope u can do anywhere.. I do it for 30 min straight and I'm done : )

"@jen_a_domaholic: @MuldoonPatrick when u coming back to Nashville & would u consider doing a fan event here?" Mite b going nash 2mrw!

@jen_a_domaholic ... The next full week ill be out there is in a month and yes love to do a fan event!!

@2974shopping: @TeamMuldoon @MuldoonPatrick are u a dad off #Days" nope... Not married no kids... Yet : )

"@SusieTVaddict: @MuldoonPatrick when are you coming to NYC? And while we're on the subject, Mets or Yankees??" YANKEES!! I miss nyc!!

"@lolo_ishere: @MuldoonPatrick my ex loves #starshiptroopers should i still love it as well? lol" troopers u should love .. Yes of course!!

@iGeekSara .. I hope they do more bromance stuff!! Sean,eric,matt love it when they give us those scenes

@missbrotherton9 ... Dwts? Never thought bout it! My music video is on youtube.. W my band- the sleeping masses- check it out!

@carrieandaustin .. Yeah @Christie__Clark has a deadly right hook ... She will use it on the show pretty soon I can't say to who or why: )

"@FuiTing90: @MuldoonPatrick Patrick, will you pay a visit to Asia for Vacation? xo" I would looove to .. Is that where u are?

"@lolo_ishere: @MuldoonPatrick @TeamMuldoon boxers or briefs??? lol" depends on my mood and temperature outside : )

@SusieTVaddict. Yeah.. I'm proud that I broke up zack and kelly.. I think ultimately it made their relationship stronger : )

Favorite sound? My niece halo's laugh... Worst sound... I hate ambulance sirens

"@BusytreeRick: @MuldoonPatrick @TeamMuldoon are you still on days" uh yeahp still on days : )

"@FuiTing90: @MuldoonPatrick First Question, why do you want to be an actor? xo" not much choice.. That and songwriting only things Iknow: )

"@TeamMuldoon: @MuldoonPatrick I'll kick things off with this ? What's your music guilty pleasure? ;-)" guilty pleasure 80s hair metalbands

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's easy lay tweets


Wow. Today's episode of Days of our Lives is full of delusional people. Also, there's an odd reconciliation between Jack and Jen. I don't believe her declarations of love.

Jen gets phone calls about the accusations against Abe doing ballot tampering. Jack shows up and scares the crap out of her. lol #days

Carrie's doing work at their hotel room for Jope. Austin comes back from a run. #days

Marlena shows up at Sami's loft. Rafe shows up too. Rafe makes a comment that he doesn't live there anymore. #days

Abby shows up at Jen's house. Abby doesn't want to fight with her mom anymore. Jen thinks she turned down the modeling job. #days

Austin tells Carrie he needs her too. He accuses her of avoiding him like the plague. #days

Austin wants to move back to Zurich. Apparently Carrie wasn't into Swiss men. lol She wants to stay in Salem. #days

Funny how Rafe doesn't know when the kids go to school. Rafe offers his help to Marlena over the Jope thing. #days

Jen tries to talk Abby out of modeling. She wants Abby to have the full college experience. #days

Jen says, "nobody asked me to be a model." Jack says, "they should have." lol #days

Maybe the reason why Jen has never been asked to model is because she dresses like a school marm. #days

Jen agrees to support Abby's modeling career. Jen thanks Jack for helping her reconcile with Abby. #days

Austin and Carrie agree to go on a romantic getaway. Carrie looks less than enthusiastic. #days

Sami wants to have it out with Marlena, right here right now. *Diva runs to pop some popcorn.* #days

Rafe is at his office with Carrie when she shows up. He asks her not to go, oh oh oh oh! #ledzeppelin #dyermakr #days

Austin is wearing plaid for no reason. He asks Abby to meet him at his office. #days

It's odd to me that the writers didn't try to reunite J&J while Daniel was gone. He's back soon, and the s/l hasn't progressed any. #days

Carrie immediately starts stripping in front of Rafe. lol Rafe has had more action with Carrie than Austin has. #days

Marlena tells Sami to stop blaming her for her problems. #days

Jenn tells Jack she loves him. Am I the only one who got whiplash when she said that? #days

Austin tells Abby he loves his wife. He offers to get her a new job next semester. Abby calls herself an "easy lay." lol

Why is Austin apologizing to Abby? She took advantage of him when he was drunk and brokenhearted. #days

Sami says she doesn't lie to her children. Marlena says, "really?" Then asks her to look in a mirror and does she like what she sees. #days

Jen tells Jack he's perfect. She wants their family back, and hugs him. He's speechless. So am I. Since when is Jenn into Jack? #days

Jack doesn't want to reunite with Jenn because he's afraid he'll hurt her. Then he kisses her and leaves. #days

Abby tells Austin that he needs to tell Carrie about their "affair." Abby looks batshizz crazy. She wants to tell Carrie today. #days

Sami's really pushing Marlena to bring up Ejami sex. I can't wait for Marlena to drop that bomb. #days

Carrie offers to have Rafe work at their company in alternating hours. Carrie will work 23 hours a day to avoid being around her hot husband

So Austin doesn't want to work with Abby anymore. Cafe clearly keep wanting to work together....

Austin might as well keep Abby around to have non-existent sex with since his wife isn't putting out to him. #days

Charles Shaughnessy returns!


Charles Shaughnessy returns to Days of our Lives as ISA agent Shane Donovan on May 2nd. You can read the full article here. Is it too much to hope to get Patsy Pease back too?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

NYT article about soaps


Quotes from Deidre Hall, James Scott, and Greg Meng. Cute pic of Ian Buchanan, Judi Evans, Wally Kurth, Deidre Hall, Suzanne Rogers, and John Aniston. You can read it here.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thinking outloud


During our blogtalkradio show Saturday night, I was stringing together a few storylines and how they may intersect. According to the spoilers, Nicole gets news from Daniel in two weeks. Fans are speculating an Ejole baby may be on the way. There's also talk of Abby faking a pregnancy by Austin. With two "pregnancies" happening at the same time, we all know what that means. Baby switch! lol So what are the chances of Nicole giving birth to a live baby, Abby faking a pregnancy by a clueless Austin, Abby switching her fake baby with Nicole's baby and passing it off as Austin's? Nicole would be made to think her baby with EJ is dead. Austin would again be raising another man's child that he thinks is his. So you would have Nicole suffering the same thing she put Sami through with Grace/Sydney. EJ thinks another one of his children has died, but hasn't (Grace). Abby would be the nuSami trying to trap Austin with a baby that isn't his (Will being Lucas's son). Poor Austin is going through the same scenario he went through about 18 years ago. Carrie would think that Austin cheated on her and had impregnated another woman again.

Blows your mind just thinking about it huh? Again, these are not spoilers, just a part of my warped imagination. lol

What do you guys think? Am I way off or dangerously close to the truth?

Diva's 75th btr show ready for playback!


Tonight we had our 75th blogtalkradio show. You can listen to all the archived fun below.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Days weekly preview clip


Diva's 75th blogtalkardio show!

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends this Saturday at 10 pm est as we discuss the last week of the show. Other topics include the Bren Foster leaving the show, our interview with Mary Beth Evans, and Ian Buchanan. Feel free to call in at 914.338.1239 or join us in our chat room.

Friday's "pimp cane" tweets


Here are Friday's tweets.

Victor has Maggie, Brady, Madison, and Ian over the K-Mansion. Maggie looks fabulous btw. #days

Bope & J&M meet at the penthouse. Roman's there too. #days

Everyone cheers for Lexie to take the podium. She leaves. #days

State and Ejole watching Abe's speech on tv. #days

Victor announces Ian as the new CEO of Titan. #days

I just noticed Kate's pantyhose. Pretty cool. @laurenkoslow #days

Abe tells Jen that Lexie knows the truth. #days The DiMeras wonder where Lexie is.

Nicole keeps telling EJ & State to wait and see what's in store. #days

Brady tries to take a swing at Ian, who breaks out his pimp cane on Brady. lmfao #days

Stefano says EJ doesn't know what to do with his life. Stefano still hasn't opened the envelope. #days

Abe tells Lexie not to blame Jen for cheating. I would say she definitely should share the blame. Cheating was her idea. #days

J&M and Bope at the airport. Marlena and Bo have visa problems. #days

Kate's thinking of Ian. Stefano knows she's bothered by something. #days

Magic is not happy with Ian. Victor calls him "duplicitous." Victor rescinds his offer of CEO. Ian says it's too late. #days

Nicole tries to stop EJ from making a concession speech. Jen rubs it in his face. #days

Lexie said that Abe helped her not turn into a DiMera like Stefano and EJ. She leaves. #days

John called Vivian off screen. Jope flashback! omg..... #days

Marlena has a flashback of learning of Jope sub sex. lol #days

Stefano offers to help Kate in case there is something she can't handle. They kiss. #days

Nicole gets a call. Jen gets a call. Jen's not happy. Lexie is crying. EJ finds her. #days

EJ tells Abe that Abe beat him "fair and square." Lexie rolls her eyes and leaves. #days

Nicole tells EJ and Abe that there is an irregularity, and the election is being challenged. #days

Ian tells Victor he already signed his contract. Victor is pissed, he leaves to call his attorney. Maggie leaves Bradison alone. #days

Kate leaves Stefano to go to work. Stefano grabs the envelope. #days

Jen tells Abe that there is an accusation of ballot tampering. Jen says she refused 2 have the ballots tampered. Jen thinks they were set up

Stefano is not happy with the envelope's contents. #days Kate thinks about Ian trying to kiss her. He shows up. #days

Victor wouldn't be in this mess if he would have just appointed Justin head of Titan. #days

Roman shows up at the Horton Sq. The guy who offered to help Jen is arrested. Lexie overhears & recognizes the guy. #days

Lexie asks Abe "what have you done?" Lexie tells Abe in front of Roman about the debate questions being switched on EJ. #days

Maggie tells Victor that he was about to blame her for Ian being the CEO. That's true in a way, because Victor would still be CEO w/o her.

Ian tells Kate they have powerful chemistry. They kiss. #days

Bo and Marlena aren't going to make it to Alamania after all. #days

Lexie says she doesn't know who Abe is anymore & leaves. Roman takes Abe down to the police station. #days

Stefano turns on the tv, and learns about the recount. He sits down and cries over the paper in the envelope. #days

LA Days event June 2nd


Sing karaoke with Christie Clark, Patrick Muldoon, Eric Martsolf, & Galen Gering. You can read all the details here.



Days of our Lives improves in viewers from last week, but still is hitting new lows in the 18 to 49 age group. You can read the entire breakdown at SON.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Diva interviewed Mary Beth Evans!


Earlier today, the Diva interviewed Days of our Lives actress, Mary Beth Evans who plays Dr. Kayla Brady Johnson on the show.
Listen to internet radio with Diva of DOOL on Blog Talk Radio

Here's an archived interview with Mary Beth from September 1st.
Listen to internet radio with Diva of DOOL on Blog Talk Radio

Our first interview with Mary Beth from June 16, 2010.
Listen to internet radio with Diva of DOOL on Blog Talk Radio

Bren Foster out!


This is according to Bren's twitter:

Bren Foster @BrenFosterReal

@maribeth_mcgin no i'm no longer with Days. My career path has moved in a different direction and has me extremely busy