Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday's Sami's big hair tweets


Here are my live tweets during Wednesday's episode of Days of our Lives.

The Countess W photo shoot is ready to begin. #days

Carrie leaves Austin at the Horton Sq. Austin invites Abby to a coffee. #days

Will joins Marlena at the Pub. #days

Maggie baked muffins for Victor and Brady at the KMansion. #days

Madison talks to her mystery man on the phone. He wants her to take the job as CEO of Titan. #days

Rafe goes back to the loft to tell Sami not to mess with the DiMeras. #days

Sami's hair needs its own twitter account! #days

Lucas mention today by Sami. #days

Madison shows up at the K-Mansion to announce her decision regarding Titan. #days

Madison turns down the CEO job at Titan. #days

Sonny joins Marlena and Will at the Pub. #days Sonny invites Will to help pick out logo designs for "Common Grounds."

Will asks to talk to Sonny alone. #days

Will doesn't want to work with Sonny, and gives him a ton of excuses why he can't help with the coffee house. #days

Oh, Victor is pissed with Madison! #days

Chad tells Gabi that she's "hot". Sami shows up. Photos are being taken. #days

Rafe joins Carrie at their office. Carrie says she has good news. #days

Sonny leaves the Pub. Marlena asks Will if everything is alright. #days

Austin complains to Abby about Carrie canceling on him. #days

Carrie thinks she found evidence to clear one of their clients. #days

I hope the show keeps Gabi glamorous, she's really gorgeous all dolled up. #days

Maggie tells Madison she's still welcome at the K-Mansion. Victor is still pissed. Brady wants to know why she turned the job down. #days

Abby tells Austin about her internship at Mad World. They hug. Abby totally checks him out. #days

Austin offers to take her to Chez Rouge. He ends up buying her a muffin. #days

Brady doesn't understand why Madison is ok with Sami being a mole, but not ok with being the CEO of Titan. #days

Marlena calls Will out for shutting out Sonny. #days

Austin tells Abby that he loves spending time with her. #days

Bradison at the Horton Sq. Brady leaves, Madison calls Sami at the photo shoot. #days

Sami was supposed to divert Kate's attention long enough for Madison to launch her women's line. #days

Sami working for Kate to stall for Madison is an epically stupid idea. Victor lucked out with Madison turning down running Titan. #days

Victor is still stewing over Madison turning him down. Maggie sticks up for her. #days Victor thinks something's up.

Brady asks Debbie Downer aka Madison what's wrong. #days

Sami calls Rafe. He tries to hang up with her asap. #days

Rafe hears the arson charges are dropped against their client. Carrie and Rafe hug. #days

Gabi complains to Marlena that Will didn't even look at her when she entered the Pub. #days

Madison calls mystery dude and complains about having to turn down the CEO of Titan job. #days

Sami contemplates deleting the photo shoot pics when Kate walks in. #days

Carrie and Rafe fight their attraction to each other. End of show. #days

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  1. Well i find this soap quite boring but one bright sight : Sami Brady is starting to become herself; a grey character who schemes..welcome back Sami Brady, it was time !
    And one more thing : Rafe is so self-righteous and controlling, free Sami free Sami please !