Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's overcompensating tweets


Wednesday's live tweets. Follow me on twitter @divaofdool.

Kate laments the lack of good models for Countess W. with Sami. #days

Brady and John talk shop at the Pub. The Carvers show up. #days

Nicole plays Angry Birds. She discusses John with EJ. John's about to endorse Abe. #days

Nicole is surprised to see Will show up at the DiMansion. #days

Maggie says that Victor's job offer to Madison left Madison speechless. Unfortunately her speechlessness didn't last for long. #days

EJ and Will bs a story that Will is helping EJ's campaign for college credit. Nicole's not really buying it. #days

Sami has a great idea to do a model search contest like they did with Carrie years ago. #days

@laurenkoslow Love Kate's necklace today!

I really like Madison's clothes today. #days

EJ wants Will to get info off of Abe's computer. Will refuses. EJ says he "owns" Will. #days

Magic discuss how great it is for Brady to work for John. #days

Brady and Madison meet up at the Horton Sq. Brady tells her his dad is ecstatic about them working together. #days

Kate thinks Sami's model search idea is genius. Sami rubs it in that Kate called her a "genius." lol #days

Nicole tries to tickle torture EJ into confessing why he hired Will. lol #days

Will overhears John endorse Abe to a reporter. #days

Abe checks his phone while Will holds a memory stick near Abe's laptop. #days

Maggie wonders if Bo would be a good fit at Titan. ROTFLMAOPIMP That's hilarious. #days

If I was Justin Kiriakis right now, I would be so super pissed that I wasn't even mentioned as a possible CEO. #days

Brady is happy that Madison got offered his old job at Titan. #days

EJole actually goes upstairs to have sex in the DiMansion. wtf? #days

Maggie tells Victor that maybe Madison will turn the job down to pursue more of a personal life. #Days

Sami tells Kate that she loves her job. #days Kate warns her not to let it go to her head.

I guess no EJole sex, they are eating at the Horton Sq. #days He gives her jewelry.

Nicole jokes on whether or not there's a tracking device in the bracelet like the last one he gave her. #days

Lexie gives Will a hug. The reporter pulls the Carvers and John away for questions leaving Will to go on Abe's computer. #days

Kate tells Sami she's overcompensating with all her constant texts to Rafe. Kate thinks something's up with Sami. #days

EJ gets a message from Will that Will will meet him back at the DiMansion. #days

Funny how Kate knows when Sami is overcompensating with Rafe, but Nicole doesn't know when EJ is overcompensating with her. #days

Will feels awful for betraying Abe. #days

Maggie tells Victor that he finally approves of a woman for Brady. #days

Kate warns Sami to make the model search idea work. #days

The Carvers are feeling very positive about the campaign. Will gives Abe's campaign talking points to EJ. #days

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