Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's milk in a bottle tweets


Wow. The unemployment rate in Salem must be really low considering how many residents now have two jobs. Follow me on Twitter @divaofdool.

Mel and Chad at the Pub. I didn't catch their conversation. #days

Madison and Brady discuss her climbing a rock wall, then start making out in her hotel room. #Days

Chad starts stripping at spa today in front of Gabi. She rubs lotion on him. #days

John apologizes to Marlena for not taking time to enjoy his freedom. #days

Sami notices the spark between Chad and Gabi at the spa. #days

Mel and Abby fight again over Chad at the Horton Sq. #days

Mel tells Abby that she is not going to have a relationship with Chad to try to save her friendship with Abby. Abby's not impressed. #days

Sami tells Kate that she has another amazing idea. That's like two ideas in a week. #days

Wow. John still gets milk in a glass bottle? My grandmother used to get milk delivered that way. #days

Brady tries to score while Madison is on the phone. And then they are both naked. #days

Sami tells Kate to hire Gabi and Chad as the faces of Countess W. #days

Quinn talks to Melanie after the Mel/Abby fight. #days

Kate wants Gabi and Chad to be in a "focus group," they turn her down. #days

Chad turns Kate down because he doesn't want to be involved in anything Dimera. #days

Gabi talks Chad into doing Kate's bidding. lol #days

Madison still hasn't made up her mind on whether or not to run Titan. Salem U wants her to start an internship with Mad World.Abby overhears

Sami's still deceiving Chabi by having them do makeovers, and get photos taken. #days

Brady shows up at John's, while Madison talks to Abby about an internship. #days

Marlena walks in on Abby and Madison's conversation. Madison didn't realize that Abby is a Horton. #days

Melanie walks into Chad and Gabi getting their makeovers. #days

Mel is so not happy with this photo shoot. #days

Kate asks Chad to visit Stefano. #days

Chad starts hitting on Melanie, she brings up her most recent fight with Abby. #days

John wants to go into the fashion business and team up with Mad World. #days

Holy cow was #days boring today. yikes.

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