Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's "grasshopper" tweets


Here are today's live tweets while watching Days of our Lives.

Not a good way to start today's eppy of #days, Bradison in bed again.

John runs into Sami at the Pub. Thank God Sami's hair has returned to normal. #days

Carrie spills coffee all over the office, while Rafe walks in. #days

Austin spent the night at his office on the couch. There's a couch in his office, you know what that means. It'll get broken in. #days

Austin admits to Abby that there are problems in his marriage, Carrie confides in Rafe also. #days

Rafe wants to help explain to Austin about the prince/princess thing with Carrie, Carrie refuses his help. #days

Sami apologizes to John for jumping on him when he asked about how it is going working with Kate. #days

John tells Sami she is a wonderful mother. #days

Carrie is still holding a grudge against Austin for him thinking John was guilty. #days

Austin calls Abby "grasshopper." She has no clue what he is talking about. lol #days

Carrie laments that she and Austin don't spend enough time together. Well, stop canceling dates with him Carrie. #days

Austin says he is alone in his marriage. That's not the first time that's happened, Austin. #days

Brady teasingly asks Madison what else she is hiding from him. #days

Rafe tells Carrie that he doesn't understand what Sami is doing. #days

Abby tells Austin he's a good person. Austin holds her hand and says when she says it he believes it. #days

Sami jumps down John's throat again because he told her to consider quitting her job to spend more time with her kids. #days

Carrie and Rafe spy Austin and Abby drinking coffee at the Horton Sq. Austin sees them. #days

Carrie accuses Austin of having a date w Abby. Rafe gets Abby away from Hurricane Carrie. #days

Sami runs into Rafe at the Sq after Abby leaves. #days

Austin tells Princess Miranda that he slept on the couch to stop arguing about the same thing. Don't blame him. #days

Bradison takes a break from sex to meet John at the Pub. #days

John overhears Madison regretting something she did to Sami. John asks Brady what she is talking about. #days

Carrie and Austin make up. He gets down on one knee. Awww. #days

Brady feeds John a line of crap about Sami, he buys it. #days

Madison tells Sami that she told Brady everything. Madison is having second thoughts about taking Kate down. #days


  1. Pretty boring show IMO.

  2. Didn't see the show. What is the grasshopper reference?

  3. It's from the Karate Kid movie, the original.

  4. ugh to these sexist, neanderthal, controlling characters a la John and Rafe : hello losers a woman can raise children and working !! This show is so dated, no wonders nobody watch it..puke.

  5. Hopefully, Bradison wash their mouths out before they talk to the other residents of Salem.