Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's "Fly Air DiMera" tweets


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J&M having o.j. Marlena talks about how much energy John has at the end of the day. #TMI #days

Brady drops a bomb on Victor, by telling him he's leaving to help his father with Basic Black. #days

Abby confronts Mel/Chad at the Pub. Chad leaves while he still has his balls intact. Abby accuses Mel of wanting to "fly air DiMera."

lmao at Melanie being upset that Abby "used to be her best friend." #days

Marlena credits Madison for turning Brady around aka castrating him. #days

Chad explains his female problems to Sonny at the new sectional at Horton Town Square. #days

Abby calls Melanie a "selfish bitch." Now this eppy is getting good! #days

J&M discuss Sami. John gives Marlena an apple for her first day at work. #days

Brady hands over Titan back to Victor. #days

Brady wants to earn his money, not inherit it. Hell, I'll be the CEO of Titan then. I can't possibly do a worse job than Brady. #days

Chad recounts all the kissing he did with Mel to Sonny. #days

Oh! Abby calls Melanie a "lying slut." Melanie brings up Abby's crush. Abby asks how many kisses Mad exchanged. #days

Melanie doesn't admit or deny kisses from Chad to Abby. #days

Maggie plays the "Isabella card" when trying to convince Victor to let Brady go. It works! Days

Marlena offers to help Abby. I think Abby should ask Sami what drug she used on Austin to get him to have sex w her 20 years ago. #days

Mel tells Chad that Abby won't forgive her. I mean seriously, they hated each other just a few months ago. #days

Victor wants to talk to Madison about who will replace him. Oh, I think I got this CEO job locked up! Days

omg, this best friend forever stuff that Abby is saying is making me hurl. Sounds so junior high. #days

Marlena wants Abby to give Mad the benefit of a doubt on whether or not they cheated, and whether or not they care about her. #days

Brady and John discuss work at the Pub. I guess we won't see Basic Black offices soon. #days

Brady gives John the good news that he will be ruining Basic Black instead of Titan. lol #days

Victor decides he will stay retired since he's married. Nice to hear Philip mentions. Victor offers the job to Madison. WTF?

Considering what a mess Madison made of Mad World, I don't get why Victor would want her for the CEO of Titan. #days

There's a pill for that! lol @Nicholle78 @DivaofDOOL He's getting soft.

Wow. Marlena tells Abby that Jack didn't mean to hurt her either. Abby says that Mel knowingly hurt her. #days

Melanie, ever the drama queen, refuses to date Chad over guilt. Yeah, like that's going to last long. #days

As a long time fan of Days, having a non Kiriakis run Titan is wrong. Why can't Justin run it? #days

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