Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday's "luckiest s.o.b. on the planet" tweets


Here are today's live tweets.  I try to tweet daily while watching Days of our Lives at 3 pm est @divaofdool.

Live tweets. Quinn is working with Mel and Gabi on self defense. #days

Brady shows up at John's penthouse. John will not accept a handout from Brady.

Jack and Jen go over their Hawaiian vacation plans. #days

Jen thanks Jack for planning their vacation in a thoughtful way. #days

Maggie shows up to support Daniel when he gets his test results. #days

Lexie is going to give Daniel his results. You know what that means, Daniel is going to die! lol #days

Melanie accidentally knocks out Chad. That's why Quinn needs a private room for these lessons and not the friggin lobby. #days

Brady tells John he wants to be his partner at Basic Black. #days

Lexie tells Daniel that his condition is irreversible. #days

I didn't catch everything Lexie said to Daniel, something about he had a stroke in his sleep that is causing the tremors. #days

John turns Brady down. #days

Jack leaves to interview John. Jen asks if Marlena will be there to help him find closure. He thinks she wants him to forget about her.

Lexie tells Daniel that there are drugs that can treat his tremors, but don't work in the long term. #days

I feel bad for Quinn having to hang out with the Scooby Doo gang. #days

What all guys hate to hear: "Let's just be friends." #days

John asks Brady to stay for his interview with Jack. #days

Maggie tries to pep up Daniel telling him he can still be a doctor, but not a surgeon. #days

Daniel walks out on Maggie and Lexie. #days

Jack asks John if he's going to get frustrated rebuilding Basic Black with no support. #days

Lexie pep talks Maggie into being there for Daniel. #days

Daniel literally runs into Jen at the Horton Square. #days

Quinn questions why a "cute thing like her" is single. He's talking about Melanie. #days Creepy!

Glad to see Jack back in reporter-mode. John tells Jack that he won't take Marlena for granted. #days

Jack tells Brady and John that taking Jen for granted was the worst mistake of his life. #days

Jen tells Daniel that she still wants to be there for him if he wants her to be. #days

Mel notices Gabi flirting with Chad. Chad notices Mel flirting with Quinn. #days

John tells Brady to talk to Madison first before John will agree to Brady joining Basic Black. #days

John tells Brady that he will be the "happiest s.o.b. on the planet" if Brady joins Basic Black. #days

Daniel tells Jen his health problem. #days

Jen apologizes to Daniel for hurting him. They hug. Jack sees them.

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