Friday, January 13, 2012

SOD's "stuff we shouldn't tell you"


Oh boy. Soap Opera Digest's 1/24 issue has some supposed scoop. First is the not so surprising news that Nadia Bjorlin might be coming back to Days of our Lives. To me, it has not been long enough since she has been gone. Nadia's acting for the most part is sub-par. I do think she had some bright moments last year with Chloe's postpartum depression storyline. But that is not really good enough for us to erase the memory of Chloe the call girl. I know Nadia is not responsible for the writing, but she did not do much to make me want to watch the call girl storyline.

The other part of the spoiler is a murder mystery with shocking victims. I do think a good murder mystery would liven up the show if it is done well. But we all know what usually happens. The crappy D list actors that are not well liked never get killed off. It is always the high priced veteran actors that get the boot.

So readers, do you want Chloe back? Who do you think WILL get killed off, and who SHOULD get killed off?


  1. yes i want chloe back i didnt want her to leave and if they have to kill someone off let it be madison and pair chloe with brady again i like them together

    1. I will willingly trade Chloe for Madison. But you know they won't do that! They totally wasted an opportunity not reuniting Broe. I do like Broe, I hope they finally go back there.

  2. on the hit list my top two are Nicole and Rafe...useless characters !!! useless..