Friday, January 27, 2012

SODs for sale part 3


No, you are not seeing things. For some reason, Soap Opera Digest did ten million Eric Braeden covers. lol Anyway, here's a few more that I put up for sale on my ebay page.


  1. I don't know what's more lame.. You collecting those worthless rags or trying to unload them on here.. If you must sell them, show some
    class and make a post on Craig's List instead please.

  2. If you have never collected a single SOD in your life, then you are not a true soap fan.

    BTW, the one with Drake on the cover sold, so they must not be "worthless."

    I don't go to Craig's List because I am not selling erotic massages. If you think Craig's list is classy, then there's something wrong with you. Craig's List is for people like you who have to find other losers online to pay to have sex with because no one with any class would have sex with you.