Saturday, January 21, 2012



Ratings for the soaps including the last week of One Life to Live. Days of our Lives falls to fifth place. You can read all the ratings at SON.


  1. The show is boring. And Bradison is shoved in our faces almost every day. It's no wonder the ratings are in the crapper.

  2. I love Madison and Brady.I don't know why Days rating is dropping but I do know that people now a days seem to be at work than it front of the T.V watching soaps.I get mine on the computer. I do know that Sarah, Eric, Drake and Deidre is starting to become the reason why I am still watching Days.

  3. what about Ej and Nicole ? They are contrived and boring too..the only thing worth is Will story with Ej, Sami and Marlena and maybe a little bit the Kate/Sami business team up, that is all and it is not enough.