Monday, January 16, 2012

Patrick Muldoon interview ready for playback!


OMG!!! Patrick Muldoon is hilarious. Before you press play, get an adult beverage, and take a swig whenever Patrick says, "Right on!" lol I don't want to spoil the interview for you, but you will love the part when Na'Vell J. Lee, the host of Buzzworthy Radio calls in. Thanks Na'Vell!

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  1. Finally i did listen to this interview and it was hilarious, the best interview you made Diva by far imho.
    Muldoon is really a fun, likableguy and above all really really funny, a real skill actually (you should do a sitcom to your pal Denise maybe you could have a guest part on Charlie Sheen new comedy show who, it is such a shame his Dool character is so boring and dull (with his corny romance with 'perfect' Carrie, give up Austin enjoy the ride with Abby..or even Sami the drug-expert ! ha)..such an insane waste..TPTB of this soap should use his sense of humor for pete's sake and finally we could care about Austin, it is not even funny and maybe make his character edgier, after all he is Kate Roberts son !

    1. ICAM! When I interviewed Patrick in October, I asked him if Austin lost his edge by being an accountant. Austin used to be a boxer for Pete's sake! lol

      Patrick should do comedy. He is so down to earth that he has no problem being self-deprecating. They should cast him on "Dirty Soap" at the least. He would really make that show more interesting.

      I don't like Austin as the husband that Carrie constantly cheats on. Austin is as clueless about Carrie as Rafe is about Sami. They both need to take off the rose colored glasses.

      Glad you enjoyed the interview. I went to bed that night with a grin on my face I couldn't get rid of! lol Hopefully we'll have Patrick on again soon.

    2. Well i am more for a comedy show, sitcom type than the boring real tv type like 'Dirty Soap', Charlie Sheen is maybe eccentric but he is insanely funny so Patrick would have great fun working with him, add that it would be more prestigious (Sheen is a A-lister) than a show with unknown (at least by maintream audience) soap actors, all is imo of course.
      Anyway great great interview, it was like listening friends joking between each others not the standard and quite awkward 'Star/fans' type of chat..refreshing, compelling it was..great job Diva.

  2. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to work with Charlie Sheen. lol Patrick being on Dirty Soap is something that he actually could be a part of. He's friends with Nadia and Galen. There's no single, unattached men on that show either. I know Dirty Soap isn't that great, but he would provide some spice to it. Patrick doing a show with Sheen is a pipe dream

    I interviewed Pat in October. We've been tweeting to each other ever since. So I do have a friendly relationship with him. Na'Vell met Pat, and they also have a twitter friendship. Pat is so easy going. He's got a wonderful sense of humor. I knew he wouldn't have a problem with me picking on him right off the bat. lol

    Unfortunately, we don't have that time of relationship with all our guests. But we try to make all the shows as friendly as possible.