Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's super dysfunctional couples live tweets


Here are Tuesday's live tweets of Days of our Lives. You can follow me on twitter here.

Yay! It's Doug and Julie at the Pub with Bope. #days

Carrie's half naked. Austin's in a towel. It's a good day for the Diva. #days

Sami's getting frisky with Rafe at their loft. You can't say there's not enough sex scenes on #days.

Apparently, Sami had brain surgery and is covering it up with hugely teased hair. She's working a bump smaller than Sarah Palin's. #days

Will delivers another folder to the DiMansion. He tries to sneak away, but Nicole catches him, while wearing an awesome purple top. #days

EJ bothers Lexie at the Horton Sq. She's not happy to see him. #days

Abe shows up at Jenn's. Jenn wants to play hardball against EJ. #days

Carrie stops Professor Reed from scoring. #days

Hope fills in Doug & Julie on what they have been up to regarding Alice's secrets. #days

Lexie tells EJ about how ethical Abe is while Abe is conspiring with Jen to get the debate questions early. #days

My 6 year old keeps telling me that I'm not a diva. lol

Instead of stealing the questions, why wouldn't Abe just expose the fact that EJ was trying to steal them? #days

Abe doesn't want Lexie knowing that they plan to steal the questions to the debate. #days

Renee Jones is so fierce. Love her. #days

Nicole asks Will to report to her when EJ asks for more political favors from him. #days

Austin wants to make a date with Carrie. awwwwwwww #days

Rafe isn't happy with Sami backstabbing Kate. #days

Rafe says Sami's espionage is something EJ would do, not her. I do agree it is something EJ would do, but Sami would do it too. #days

Oh boo. Austin put his clothes back on. #days

Austin makes the excellent point that Carrie has no business, thus her schedule is more open than his. #days

Rafe makes a good point that Sami once again is not being the best role model for her kids. #days

Nicole is now tranferring money to Will to spy on EJ. Will has the best job ever. #days

Abe wants EJ to be fed the the wrong questions before the debate. #days

EJ wants to know what Nicole and Will are up to. #days

Doug and Julie want to go to Africa to find out why Alice was transferring money there. #days

Austin wonders why Carrie won't make time for him, while Rafe chastises Sami for not being a team player. #days

Poor Doug and Julie are going to Africa, while Bope stays in Salem. Wouldn't it be nice if D&J stayed home, and Bope went to Africa? #days

Jen's contact won't feed wrong questions to EJ. Lexie overhears Abe worrying about the fallout being catastrophic. #days

EJ knew Nicole would bribe Will, Will spills the beans as soon as she leaves the room. #days

Abe lies to Lexie about his plans. EJ says Nicole bribing Will means she loves him. wtf? #days

Austin's Thursday meeting gets canceled. He and Carrie schedule date night.

Sami gets upset because Rafe doesn't hug and kiss her goodbye. #days

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  1. Ej come on Nicole is not 'dysfunctional' buddy she is ugly, she looked like a drag-queen in this epi seriously..anyway he should be with Sami (first he has insane chemistry with her and then it would be so much interesting storyline wise) and finally they are so much alike, hey even Rafe said so !
    Of course Sami hair was also..lmaooooooo, thank you for the good laugh Samantha !!