Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday's "Free Brady" tweets


Wow. Does Madison have Brady by the balls or what? Follow me on twitter @divaofdool.

Will warns Rafe that Sami will break his heart. I wish someone would turn off the water in this scene because it makes me want to pee. (I didn't realize Rafe was cooking stir fry, the cooking noise sounded like running water.)

John wants Marlena to bribe him with sex in order for him to agree to cut his satellite dish sport channels package. Not a good deal imho.

Madison gets bitchy with Brady and asks him to leave. Run, Brady, run! #freebrady #days

Madison asks Brady what is in it for John to have Brady work with him. WTF? Maybe he wants to work with his son you stupid bitch. #days

yeah, I have PMS. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. #divarules

Stefano encourages EJ not to give up on the mayoral race since John is paying back his creditors. #days

Holy cow. It's a State scene! #days

Kate brags about stealing Sami from Madison. Yeah, EJ isn't thrilled. #days

Apparently Rafe learned to cook over the holidays. He made stir fry. Now I'm hungry, thanks a lot #days.

Madison gets a clue that Brady wants to work at Basic Black to renew his relationship with his dad. #days

Brady tells Madison he doesn't want 2 risk ruining their relationship 2 work 4 his dad.C'mon Brady, you've only been screwing her 4 a month.

Madison gives Brady her blessing to work with his dad. But she keeps a firm grip on his balls. #days

Will shows up at J&M's penthouse to talk to his grandmother. Will complains he can't stay at Sami's. #days

After talking to Marlena, Will decides to leave town. #days

Rafe questions why Sami is being overly affectionate. You're supposed to complain AFTER sex, dummy! lol #days

Marlena laughs after Will leaves which is odd since he threatened to leave town. #days

Will is raging in a suspiciously empty Horton Square. #days

Stefano says that he never ceases to be amazed how in tuned he is with Kate. #days awwwwww

Stefano oddly confesses to Kate that he kept a secret from EJ, and he thinks EJ won't forgive him if he found out. #days

MuldoonPatrick Patrick Muldoon
"@AngelaDF: @MuldoonPatrick When are you and Carrie going to have babies? ;)" uuuuuhhhh?
DivaofDOOL Diva of DOOL
@MuldoonPatrick @AngelaDF Whenever he's ready. Oh, wait. Wrong Carrie. lol
MuldoonPatrick Patrick Muldoon
"@DivaofDOOL: @MuldoonPatrick @AngelaDF Whenever he's ready. Oh, wait. Wrong Carrie. lol" hahhahaha

Madison says she's happy that Brady will be working with John after she bitched him out. #days #freebrady

Caroline texts Sami about the kids. For real, I'm not making this up. #days

Madison lost 2 employees in a week. I'm sure she doesn't think her bitchiness is the problem with employee retention. #days

J&M run into State outside the Pub. John says "hello" to Kate. First "Jate" scene since John's return. #days

Kate tells John that Sami is working for her. J&M refuse to dine with State. That's a bummer, that would have been epic. #days

Stefano offers to buy Kate an expensive dinner. Now, that's my kind of man. @stefanodimera

Marlena complains about Kate going over to the dark side. Uh, Marlena, Kate just gave your daughter a job. #days

Will shows up at EJ's asking for money saying he knows his secret. #days

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