Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's "fickle" tweets


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Here are Friday's live tweets.

#days Madison is enjoying her massage at the spa from Brady WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much.

Bope shows the key to Jen. #days

Abe shows up at Jen's. Hope asks Abe how the campaign is going. Abe is very optimistic. #days

EJ is having Nicole take self defense classes with Quinn to spy on him. #days

Safe is eating lunch at the Horton Sq. Sami says Carrie is bossy. Sami talks about her work accomplishments. #days

EJ calls Will who is at the Pub. EJ will meet him there. #days

EJ asks Will if he secretly enjoyed spying on Abe. #days

Bradison starts making out at the spa. I hope Quinn has a lot of disinfectant. #days

Nicole isn't happy with Quinn being her instructor. Quinn defends his current lifestyle. #days

Jen calls herself "fickle." Tells Hope that both men dumped her ass. #days

Hope tells Jen that she and Bo are in therapy. #days

EJ wants Will to accept an envelope on his behalf, and to follow the instructions inside. #days

Brady sees Nicole at the spa. Nicole says there's something different about Brady. He says he's sober, then Madison interrupts. #days

Bope leave Jen's. Jen and Abe get back to work. #days

Sami looks at a photo of herself with Will. Rafe thinks he'll come around. #days

Nicole gives thumbs up to Bradison. #days That's disappointing. Nicole in the mix would make Bradison interesting.

Rafe leaves Sami. Will finds the dude he was supposed to meet. #days

Will delivered a sports car to EJ. EJ gives it to him. #days

I don't like Madison and Nicole getting along. It's disturbing! #Days lol

So far, the Larry the Cable Guy heart burn commercial is the most interesting part of today's show. #days

Jen and Abe want to hire Rafe for security. #days

Kate (offscreen) calls Sami asking her to drop a file off at her house while Will is there with EJ. #days

Bope finds out that Alice's safe deposit box had a co-owner. #days

Bradison go for round two at the spa. Nicole and Quinn finish up their self defense session. Nicole admits that ppl can change. #days

EJ's earlier taped interview is aired using Abe's secret platform. #days

Sami says "wth?" seeing EJ give Will keys to the car. #days

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  1. I disagree Ej/Will scenes are great..oddly enough they have great chemistry..far better than Ej and Nicole..far better..Otherwise yeah snoozefest...What else is new ? lol