Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Days charity event in Atlanta update


Here's some info on the Days of our Lives charity event for Atlanta. It is to benefit the Alzheimer's Association in Atlanta. Actors intending the events are: James Scott, Galen Gearing, Eric Martsolf, Shawn Christina, Wally Kurth and Patsy Pease.

On Friday April 27th there will be a kickoff party. Actors may attend that event. On Saturday, there's a question and answer session from 10 am until noon. From 2:30 to 4:30 there's a meet and greet. And from 8 pm to midnight, there's the cocktail reception. All these events are being held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Atlanta. You can find all the information at dayscharityevents.com.

Tuesday's "grasshopper" tweets


Here are today's live tweets while watching Days of our Lives.

Not a good way to start today's eppy of #days, Bradison in bed again.

John runs into Sami at the Pub. Thank God Sami's hair has returned to normal. #days

Carrie spills coffee all over the office, while Rafe walks in. #days

Austin spent the night at his office on the couch. There's a couch in his office, you know what that means. It'll get broken in. #days

Austin admits to Abby that there are problems in his marriage, Carrie confides in Rafe also. #days

Rafe wants to help explain to Austin about the prince/princess thing with Carrie, Carrie refuses his help. #days

Sami apologizes to John for jumping on him when he asked about how it is going working with Kate. #days

John tells Sami she is a wonderful mother. #days

Carrie is still holding a grudge against Austin for him thinking John was guilty. #days

Austin calls Abby "grasshopper." She has no clue what he is talking about. lol #days

Carrie laments that she and Austin don't spend enough time together. Well, stop canceling dates with him Carrie. #days

Austin says he is alone in his marriage. That's not the first time that's happened, Austin. #days

Brady teasingly asks Madison what else she is hiding from him. #days

Rafe tells Carrie that he doesn't understand what Sami is doing. #days

Abby tells Austin he's a good person. Austin holds her hand and says when she says it he believes it. #days

Sami jumps down John's throat again because he told her to consider quitting her job to spend more time with her kids. #days

Carrie and Rafe spy Austin and Abby drinking coffee at the Horton Sq. Austin sees them. #days

Carrie accuses Austin of having a date w Abby. Rafe gets Abby away from Hurricane Carrie. #days

Sami runs into Rafe at the Sq after Abby leaves. #days

Austin tells Princess Miranda that he slept on the couch to stop arguing about the same thing. Don't blame him. #days

Bradison takes a break from sex to meet John at the Pub. #days

John overhears Madison regretting something she did to Sami. John asks Brady what she is talking about. #days

Carrie and Austin make up. He gets down on one knee. Awww. #days

Brady feeds John a line of crap about Sami, he buys it. #days

Madison tells Sami that she told Brady everything. Madison is having second thoughts about taking Kate down. #days

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Diva's 72nd blogtalkradio show ready for playback!


Our 72nd blogtalkradio show from last night is available for download/playback. All of our shows are available through itunes.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

SODs for sale part 3


No, you are not seeing things. For some reason, Soap Opera Digest did ten million Eric Braeden covers. lol Anyway, here's a few more that I put up for sale on my ebay page.

SODs for sale part 2


Here are more Soap Opera Digests that I have put up for sale on my ebay page.

Friday's"you'll be the prince, and I'll be the princess" tweets


Here are Friday's tweets:

Abby drops by Austin's office. Abby blurts out that she loves him. #days

Austin moves in for a kiss without totally sucking her face off unlike other characters who shall remain nameless. #days

Abe and Jen at her house. I really don't like Jen's hair back in a bun. Looks cute from the back, but not from the front. #days

Will asks EJ if he needs anything at the DiMansion. EJ tells Will that EJ is not invited to Sydney's birthday party. #days

EJ wants Will to bring Sydney to the DiMansion for a birthday party there. #Days

Stefano asks Bope at the Horton Sq if they are going to open the box or not. #days

Fake out. Abby was daydreaming. She wants to tell Austin something big. #days

Carrie fixes Sydney's tiara for Rafe at their office. #days

Will agrees to help get Sydney to the DiMansion. Will comments on how EJ always gets what he wants. #days

Carrie mentions the birthday party that Anna threw her as a kid. #days

Lexie joins Abe and Jen. EJ had called Lexie. He wants them to bring Theo to Sydney's birthday party. #days

Nicole and EJ have the mansion decorated for Sydney.

Will brings Sydney to the mansion. #days

Stefano keeps taunting Hope to not open the box. Hope gets pissed off and tells him off. #days

Abby tells Austin that she got offered to model for Mad World. Austin tells her he has a hard time thinking of her as an adult. #days

Abby's really hurt. Austin asked if he stuck his foot in his mouth. lol #days

Carvers and Jen show up at Sydney's party.

Kayla at the Pub. Carrie shows up dressed as a princess, Rafe as a prince. #days

Will tells Jen and Abe that he is interning with EJ. #days

Jen and Abe want Will to work for them, he refuses. #days

Lexie asks where Stefano is. Stefano wasn't available. Lexie tells EJ that Stefano must be up to no good. #days

Abby starts flirting with Austin telling him she's more mature than he realizes. #days

Kayla tells Carrie and Rafe that the prince and princess dance at the end of every episode. Kayla tries to teach them to dance. #days

Nicole warns EJ that he might lose Lexie because of the election. #days

The idea of the safe deposit box came from when both Alice and Stefano had dirt on each other. #days

Jen sees Nicole slip something in a drawer in a bureau in the entry of the D-Mansion. #days

EJ catches Abe who is trying to switch the papers in the envelope in the drawer in the foyer. #days

Patrick Muldoon joins CMA!


Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed, Days of our Lives) joined the Country Music Association. You can see the pic here.



Days of our Lives back in third place. You can read the rest of the ratings at SON.

Diva's 72nd blogtalkradio show


Join us this Saturday at 10 pm est for our 72nd blogtalkradio show. We will be discussing the last week of episodes of Days of our Lives. Feel free to call in at 914.338.1239 or join us in our chat room.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

More SODs for sale


I put up more Soap Opera Digests for sale today. I will try to put more up today and Friday. My ebay page is here.

Thursday's "Brady Brown" tweets


Here are today's tweets. The Jack stuff makes it worth watching. The rest of the episode was a total bore. You can follow me on twitter here.

Jack bobs and weaves when Marlena tries to get him to go to a veterans' ptsd meeting. #days

Abby meets with Madison at the Horton Sq. #days

John and Brady are meeting to discuss Basic Black at the penthouse. #days Brady doesn't want to do a fashion magazine.

Mel and Quinn discuss Mel's love life. Why? #days #freequinn

Madison and Abby go to meet with Quinn. Why? Because it worked so well the first time? #days

New twitter account for @KianFans Kate DiMera and & Ian McCallister fans!

Quinn tells Madison "haven't we had this conversation before?" Yes Quinn, yes we heard it before. stfu Madison #days

Madison wants to offer Quinn national exposure. Actually this could be funny if it gets exposed that Madison aligned herself with a pimp.

Jack finally decides to go to the ptsd meeting. #days

Brady and John keep bickering on who is more stubborn. Brady refers to himself as "Brady Brown" when John says his last name is name of co.

Some of the members of the PTSD group are kind of frosty towards to Jack. #days

Jack starts telling his story to the group. #days

Jack discusses how he doesn't feel like he's at home in Salem. #days

Abby tells Melanie about her internship with Mad World. #days

Quinn introduces Madison to Melanie. Madison announces she wants Abby and Mel in a new ad campaign. #days

The woman running the PTSD group said she lost her leg and most of her vision. #days #realifeheroes

One of the veterans is on medical retirement due to a blood clot. #days

Pat walks in, a female Marine. #days

I see a future love interest with Jack and Pat. #days

I'm getting some comments on the Diva blog that the fans are really enjoying the Jack story today. #days

I don't get why Madison needs her products in a small town spa so badly. Makes no sense. #days

The leader of the group tells of her physical and spiritual accomplishments since her injuries. #days

One of the soldiers tells the story of his friend's death in his arms. #days Total tearjerker. omg

Mel and Abby talk about Daniel leaving town. #days

Looks like Quinn is going to align himself with Madison. #days

Jack finally gives details of his capture. #days

Jack talks about his cold reception when he arrived back in Salem. #days

Wow. If Matt Ashford doesn't get an emmy nom this year and next, I'm occupying the daytime emmys. #days

Jack can't move on with his life in Salem because part of him is still in the cave. #days

#Days thanks the vets at the end of the episode.

Patrick Muldoon clip from TN


Audio is not the best due to background noise. Patrick being interviewed at the Pleasant View Cafe. Arianne Zucker did not attend the event. She flew back to LA due to "production problems."

"Dirty Soap" not renewed


According to CBS Soaps in Depth, "Dirty Soap" on E! will not have a second season. I'm not surprised. The ratings were awful. The show seemed contrived and scripted. To be blunt, it was boring.

Anyone surprised?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday's Sami's big hair tweets


Here are my live tweets during Wednesday's episode of Days of our Lives.

The Countess W photo shoot is ready to begin. #days

Carrie leaves Austin at the Horton Sq. Austin invites Abby to a coffee. #days

Will joins Marlena at the Pub. #days

Maggie baked muffins for Victor and Brady at the KMansion. #days

Madison talks to her mystery man on the phone. He wants her to take the job as CEO of Titan. #days

Rafe goes back to the loft to tell Sami not to mess with the DiMeras. #days

Sami's hair needs its own twitter account! #days

Lucas mention today by Sami. #days

Madison shows up at the K-Mansion to announce her decision regarding Titan. #days

Madison turns down the CEO job at Titan. #days

Sonny joins Marlena and Will at the Pub. #days Sonny invites Will to help pick out logo designs for "Common Grounds."

Will asks to talk to Sonny alone. #days

Will doesn't want to work with Sonny, and gives him a ton of excuses why he can't help with the coffee house. #days

Oh, Victor is pissed with Madison! #days

Chad tells Gabi that she's "hot". Sami shows up. Photos are being taken. #days

Rafe joins Carrie at their office. Carrie says she has good news. #days

Sonny leaves the Pub. Marlena asks Will if everything is alright. #days

Austin complains to Abby about Carrie canceling on him. #days

Carrie thinks she found evidence to clear one of their clients. #days

I hope the show keeps Gabi glamorous, she's really gorgeous all dolled up. #days

Maggie tells Madison she's still welcome at the K-Mansion. Victor is still pissed. Brady wants to know why she turned the job down. #days

Abby tells Austin about her internship at Mad World. They hug. Abby totally checks him out. #days

Austin offers to take her to Chez Rouge. He ends up buying her a muffin. #days

Brady doesn't understand why Madison is ok with Sami being a mole, but not ok with being the CEO of Titan. #days

Marlena calls Will out for shutting out Sonny. #days

Austin tells Abby that he loves spending time with her. #days

Bradison at the Horton Sq. Brady leaves, Madison calls Sami at the photo shoot. #days

Sami was supposed to divert Kate's attention long enough for Madison to launch her women's line. #days

Sami working for Kate to stall for Madison is an epically stupid idea. Victor lucked out with Madison turning down running Titan. #days

Victor is still stewing over Madison turning him down. Maggie sticks up for her. #days Victor thinks something's up.

Brady asks Debbie Downer aka Madison what's wrong. #days

Sami calls Rafe. He tries to hang up with her asap. #days

Rafe hears the arson charges are dropped against their client. Carrie and Rafe hug. #days

Gabi complains to Marlena that Will didn't even look at her when she entered the Pub. #days

Madison calls mystery dude and complains about having to turn down the CEO of Titan job. #days

Sami contemplates deleting the photo shoot pics when Kate walks in. #days

Carrie and Rafe fight their attraction to each other. End of show. #days

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's super dysfunctional couples live tweets


Here are Tuesday's live tweets of Days of our Lives. You can follow me on twitter here.

Yay! It's Doug and Julie at the Pub with Bope. #days

Carrie's half naked. Austin's in a towel. It's a good day for the Diva. #days

Sami's getting frisky with Rafe at their loft. You can't say there's not enough sex scenes on #days.

Apparently, Sami had brain surgery and is covering it up with hugely teased hair. She's working a bump smaller than Sarah Palin's. #days

Will delivers another folder to the DiMansion. He tries to sneak away, but Nicole catches him, while wearing an awesome purple top. #days

EJ bothers Lexie at the Horton Sq. She's not happy to see him. #days

Abe shows up at Jenn's. Jenn wants to play hardball against EJ. #days

Carrie stops Professor Reed from scoring. #days

Hope fills in Doug & Julie on what they have been up to regarding Alice's secrets. #days

Lexie tells EJ about how ethical Abe is while Abe is conspiring with Jen to get the debate questions early. #days

My 6 year old keeps telling me that I'm not a diva. lol

Instead of stealing the questions, why wouldn't Abe just expose the fact that EJ was trying to steal them? #days

Abe doesn't want Lexie knowing that they plan to steal the questions to the debate. #days

Renee Jones is so fierce. Love her. #days

Nicole asks Will to report to her when EJ asks for more political favors from him. #days

Austin wants to make a date with Carrie. awwwwwwww #days

Rafe isn't happy with Sami backstabbing Kate. #days

Rafe says Sami's espionage is something EJ would do, not her. I do agree it is something EJ would do, but Sami would do it too. #days

Oh boo. Austin put his clothes back on. #days

Austin makes the excellent point that Carrie has no business, thus her schedule is more open than his. #days

Rafe makes a good point that Sami once again is not being the best role model for her kids. #days

Nicole is now tranferring money to Will to spy on EJ. Will has the best job ever. #days

Abe wants EJ to be fed the the wrong questions before the debate. #days

EJ wants to know what Nicole and Will are up to. #days

Doug and Julie want to go to Africa to find out why Alice was transferring money there. #days

Austin wonders why Carrie won't make time for him, while Rafe chastises Sami for not being a team player. #days

Poor Doug and Julie are going to Africa, while Bope stays in Salem. Wouldn't it be nice if D&J stayed home, and Bope went to Africa? #days

Jen's contact won't feed wrong questions to EJ. Lexie overhears Abe worrying about the fallout being catastrophic. #days

EJ knew Nicole would bribe Will, Will spills the beans as soon as she leaves the room. #days

Abe lies to Lexie about his plans. EJ says Nicole bribing Will means she loves him. wtf? #days

Austin's Thursday meeting gets canceled. He and Carrie schedule date night.

Sami gets upset because Rafe doesn't hug and kiss her goodbye. #days

Monday, January 23, 2012

Alison Sweeney on Wendy Willliams show today!


Alison Sweeney (Sami, Days of our Lives) will be on The Wendy Williams Show today according to her twitter feed.

Ali_Sweeney Alison Sweeney
Live on @wendywilliams show today. Can't wait @talkshowwendy tout.com/m/vjazbo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our 71st blogtalkradio show ready for playback!


Thanks again for our regulars and our newbies that called in today, and chatted in our chat room. Our 71st blogtalkradio show is ready for playback in case you missed it the first time.

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Patrick Muldoon & Arianne Zucker in Nashville this week!


According to their twitter accounts, Patrick Muldoon (Austin) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole) will be flying to Nashville on Monday. They will be making a public appearance on Wednesday on the show "Pleasant Views" at Pleasant View Diner. Fans are welcome to attend. You can find the details here.

Patrick mentioned during our interview with him on Sunday, that he will be working on music for his solo album while in Nashville.



Ratings for the soaps including the last week of One Life to Live. Days of our Lives falls to fifth place. You can read all the ratings at SON.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Diva's 71st blogtalkradio show this Saturday!


Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends as we discuss the last week of the show. Other topics will be our interviews with Patrick Muldoon and James Reynolds. The show is this Saturday at 10 pm est. We welcome callers and newbies in our chat room.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diva interviewed James Reynolds


This afternoon I interviewed Days of our Lives actor, James Reynolds. James plays Abe Carver on the show. Today, James was nominated for an NAACP award for his acting on the show. The show is ready for playback.

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