Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blogger wants Tony DiMera back


You know we want him back too. Soap Opera Digest picked Tony to be the one character from Days of our Lives that they would bring back from the dead. Read Lamotri-Jane's Daze of Our Lives blog about Count Tony D.

The Diva's 45th blogtalkradio show!


Join us this Saturday night at 10 pm est for our 45th blogtalkradio show!  This week, the lovely Marianne will be hosting.  She will be discussing the last week of the show as well as the firing of Nelson Branco from Canada TV Guide, which we learned this week is only a website!  lol  Feel free to call in to give us your opinion at 914.338.1239 or ask a question in the chat room.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Douchebag fired over "budget cuts"


If you actually believe Nelson Branco and Canada TV Guide parted ways over money, I have a bridge I can sell you.  You can read Michael Fairman's interview with Nelson here.

Believe it or not, I have been biting my tongue the past week or so about the twitter fiasco.  But with raging hormones due to PMS, I'm read to give my two cents.

I already reported on what happened.  Nelson bashed Kristian Alfonso on twitter.  Crystal Chappell IN MY OPINION, encouraged her fans to "send him love" during his vicious attack on Kristian.  I do not buy Crystal's excuse that she didn't know what was going on.  Again, that is my opinion as a thinking human being with a huge bullshit meter. 

Anyway, my gripe now is with the soap journalists and bloggers who basically ignored this story until Crystal and Nelson did interviews.  Why?  It obviously was a newsworthy event since Crystal has done at least two interviews about it.  I have a rather low opinion of journalists to begin with from personal experience, but I believe without being a mind reader, that these journalists were covering the ass of a gay icon and a gay journalist.  I understand why Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly wouldn't really go into detail about what happened, because they print whatever Ken Corday wants them to print.  But for the self employed journalists and bloggers who make little money, I honestly don't understand their reasoning. 

If it wasn't Crystal and Nelson, but two other individuals would they have gotten the same kid gloves treatment?  I don't know.  Would Crystal have gotten the same treatment if Otalia and Venice didn't exist?  Again, I don't know.  I am still scratching my head over why Nelson hasn't been bashed to bits for what he did since he is overwhelming disliked by every fan base covering every soap. Actors totally distrust him, and yes I know this as a fact. 

So why do these two get a pass on bad behavior?  Is it because they are gay friendly or is it a case of lazy journalism?  I don't know.  This whole incident has made me dislike journalists all the more.  They are supposed to report facts, not spin.  We've seen nothing but spin on this issue for the past five days.  I would have more respect for Crystal and Nelson if they admitted that they screwed up and asked for forgiveness.  That didn't happen because no journalist asked them to admit to anything.

By the way, I am not gloating over Nelson being fired or "quitting".  Economy sucks, and we all have to pay the bills.  Hopefully he'll learn a lesson from this, but from the tone of his interview he obviously hasn't. 

Good riddance.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diva's 44th eppy ready for playback!


Our 45th blogtalkradio episode is ready for playback!

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Bren Foster stays at DOOL

In an odd twist, Days of our Lives hired back fired actor Bren Foster who plays Quinn according to Soap Opera Digest.

Friday, June 24, 2011

No Douchebag?


I just noticed that Nelson Branco did not put up a Suds Report today on the Canada TV Guide site? Dare we dream that they came to their senses and let him go?

Diva of DOOL episode 44


Join us at 10 pm est this Saturday for our blogtalkradio show. This week will be discussing the last week of Days of our Lives and the Daytime Emmys. Call in or join us in our chat room.


Days of our Lives remains in 4th. You can read the entire breakdown here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sydney Penny guest stars on Days


According to TV Guide, Sydney will play a doctor treating Carly in rehab. Also, Cody Longo has been cast to play Nicholas Alamain.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Press release from The Bay


Creator of ‘THE BAY‘, Gregori J. Martin and LANYfilms Productions announce the premiere of ‘FAR FROM THE BAY‘, a spin-off and prequel of Season Two, to begin streaming on the web this Thursday, June 23rd at 3:15 PM ET / 12:15 PM PT. Viewers will follow Peter (Kristos Andrews X GAMES CHAMPION and Guinness World Record Holder), the youngest son of Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans DAYS, ATWT, GH), on his quest to find the woman he believes to be his mother. Shot on location in New York City, Peter retraces the steps of his cruel childhood in an attempt to find Claire Andrews (Marie Wilson ATWT, PC), his adoptive mother who raised him until the age of seven. With no memory of his recent past, Peter encounters members of his adoptive family, as well as those of his biological family, who are stunned by his misguided determination and jaded memories. Along the way, chance encounters with eccentric strangers offer him insight in dealing with his troubled past and arcane present. ‘FAR FROM THE BAY’ is an eight part web series featuring the talents of Ilene Kristen and Tonya Walker (OLTL), Agim Kaba (ATWT), Miriam Colon (SCARFACE, GL), Emmy winner Anna Holbrook (ANOTHER WORLD), and more. With the first ever web soap crossovers from Michael O’Leary of ‘STEAMBOAT’ and Afton Boggiano of ‘EMPIRE‘, musical performer and reggae artist, IFA (Godson of Bob Marley), will also be featured. The upcoming prequel, ‘FAR FROM THE BAY‘, as well as Season One of the ‘THE BAY The Series‘, can be seen online at Blip.TV and our official website at

Thoughts on Monday's eppy

Yes, I actually did watch.

Vivian and Quinn discuss their relationship. Vivian tells Quinn that her instinct tells her not to trust him. Viv and Gus have a funny discussion about Quinn's businesses. Vivian's proud of his underworld activities. Gus tells her Quinn has an agency full of beautiful girls. Vivian's mortified that Quinn is an "agent." lol

Nicole drinks herself into a stupor at the closed Brady Pub. Maggie comforts her. Maggie assumes Nicole is drinking over Brady, Nicole reveals she's drinking over Sydney. Nicole tells Maggie that EJ used her to get revenge on Sami.

Sami falls down the stairs at the DiMansion, and survives without a scratch! Rafe2 hallucinates that Sami is Fay, and confesses to killing her. Taylor overhears his confession. Hope and Sami try to get Taylor to give them some time to sort it all out without telling her the whole truth. Taylor later shows up at Sami's threatening to tell Nicole that Rafe killed Fay. Sami asks her not to tell Nicole.

Meanwhile, Kate shows up outside the DiMansion and is stopped by the real Rafe. Rafe tries to proposition Kate to prevent her from going inside. Kate gets a call from Quinn. Kate tells Rafe that she's going to tell Stefano about his proposition. Quinn tells Kate that he successfully got Chloe in bed with a john, and gives her the room number. Kate goes to the hotel room to look for incriminating evidence. Later, Kate sees Quinn and Vivian talking.

Chloe drugged the john before she had to perform. Quinn calls her and wants to talk to the john who is asleep. The john later wakes up and wants round 2 with Chloe. She leaves saying she has another client. Chloe shows up at Chez Rouge to sign papers from Justin that say that she's been a good girl lately. She hugs Justin when he says she'll be clear to see Parker soon. The john walks in, and asks if Justin was Chloe's next client.

Adrienne and Abby have a talk about Chad at the Cheatin Heart. Chad walks in. Kate talked to Chad earlier at the pier when she saw him with papers from Stefano. Kate tells Chad that his mother worked "within the gray" to get through college while being a prostitute. Chad tells her he doesn't want to work "within the gray."

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Diva does the Emmys blogtalkradio show ready for playback


We just finished our two hour blogtalkradio show about this year's Daytime Emmys. Unfortunately Days of our Lives lost in all three of their categories. But you can listen to our commentary on the show and the fashion.

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Time change for tonight's Emmy show

I got confused with the several different times I saw for tonight's Emmy broadcast. Tonight's blogtalkradio show will be at 8 pm est to 10 pm.



Days of our Lives is in fourth.  You can read the entire ratings at SON.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Crystal Chappell latest tweet about controversy


Crystal just tweeted:
Crystal Chappell

Crystal Chappell and Kristian Alfonso comment in SOD

Both Crystal and Kristian talked to Soap Opera Digest about the Nelson Branco twitter drama of last week.  You can read their comments here.

Crystal Chappell responds to twitter flap to Michael Fairman


You can read his interview with her here.

If anyone has been living under a rock, and doesn't know the full story of what happened the past week, you can read our older blog posts about it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diva of DOOL does the Daytime Emmys!

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends as we discuss the Daytime Emmy show live as it airs on Sunday from 9 pm to 11 pm ept on our blogtalkradio show.  The show will promptly end at 11 pm.  Call in and tell us your thoughts on the night's winners and losers, best dressed and worst dressed.  Or you can join us in our lively chat room while all the action goes down. 

There will be no show this Saturday since we are doing this Sunday show.

Mark Hapka not back at DOOL

You'll just have to read it to believe it. lol

Comments? I'm trying to be kind here. I'm still suffering from The Douchebag drama overload.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Days of our Lives press release


Press release about the changes at DOOL including rumors of the return of Bryan Datillo, Christie Clark, and Patrick Muldoon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Douchebag's editor responds


Not only will The Douchebag not be fired from TV Guide Canada according to his editor who is sending form letters to everyone who emailed her about his antics this weekend.

You can read the form letter here:
Posted by momof2boyz on June 13, 2011 at 10:33:18:
In Reply to: OT...Interesting posted by Morgana on June 13, 2011 at 10:21:22:
I am surprised I got an e-mail back from her. I was wondering if anyone else e-mailed her and got the same response. Disappointed in her response really but here it is:
Thank you for your email on behalf of Nelson Branco's recent Twitter comments. TV Guide Canada is disappointed by Mr. Branco's recent behaviour, and his comments do not reflect TV Guide Canada's views.

As a result of his poor judgment, Mr. Branco has deleted his TV Guide related twitter account, @SudsReport, and any future commentary or views under any unrelated accounts he may or may not create should be considered strictly his own.

Mr. Branco has been a valued contributor to TV Guide Canada's soaps and primetime pages for over four years, and he continues to be one of the sole advocators in this dying industry.

He will continue contributing to TV Guide Canada, and work with his editors to provide insightful and unprecedented coverage of the soaps industry both on screen and behind the scenes.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.


Amber Dowling
Editor in Chief
Tv Guide Canada

BTW, Nelson did not acknowledge what he did this weekend on twitter in his column today.

According to former DOOL and Y&R writer, Tom Casiello, "someone" which is safe to assume is Nelson, sent him a threatening email Sunday night because of his tweets about Nelson, and for Tom retweeting and responding to @F_Nelson_Branco, a parody Nelson twitter account.  So, it's ok for Nelson to call Kristian Alfonso "anorexic" "a bitch" "hair model" "bad actress" and for insinuating that Kristian got actors fired on Days of our Lives.  So I guess "free speech" only applies to Nelson, and not anyone who speaks truthfully about him.

The Diva's Gloat fest part 2 ready for playback!


Oh my.  Great show.  Thanks for everyone who called in and joined us live in the chat room.  Definitely one of our biggest live audiences for a normal podcast.  Topics this week included:  Nelson "The Douchebag" Branco, Kristian Alfonso, Crystal Chappell, Gary Tomlin, Noel Maxam, Mark Hapka, Francisco San Martin, and others.  You can listen to the show here:

Listen to internet radio with Diva of DOOL on Blog Talk Radio

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Sunday morning, and Nelson's still a douchebag


I cannot verify this yet, but someone posted on Daytime Royalty what Nelson Branco said allegedly at Crystal Chappell's chat Saturday night.  Let me know if anyone can verify or unverify this.  Thanks!

There was a CC fan chat tonight and Nelson stopped by for a while. How nice of him.

nelson_branco: Wow -- I got murdered by Kristian's people! They emailed my editor!
nelson_branco: My editor told me to tone it down! Whhhaaaat?!
nelson_branco: Why do I have to tone it down? Why doesn't someone else it down... who makes a million dollars a year?
nelson_branco: And sabotages her own show?!
nelson_branco: Write my editor and tell her how the majority are on CC's side and how I rock!
nelson_branco: Because she's feeling the pressure..... but it's from 5 fans... show them we support the CC movement!
nelson_branco: Freedom of speech on Twitter!
nelson_branco: Please all email my editor... she's really pissed with the anti-CC sentiment and threatening me. Let's show her that CC power rules!
nelson_branco: I agree it keep it CLASSY when you write. That helps LOADS. Me? Not so much.
nelson_branco: Thanks. I don't want a certain DAYS actress's five fans to be the end of me!
nelson_branco: I get more readers than anyone! And that's thanks to YOU GUYS!
nelson_branco: They want to sue me!
nelson_branco: For what? The truth?
nelson_branco: I have never said anything about "HER" in my column. My twitter is my own. FUCK YOU!

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday, and Nelson's still a douchebag


To spare you from reading all of his crap, he doubled down on his tweet that Kristian Alfonso is running the show:

Days of our Lives, NBC/Global — Fools of our Lives: more backstage shakeups!
• Does executive producer Ken Corday know what he’s doing? Let’s hope so! This week, DAYS continued to make news with the announced departures of co-executive producer Gary Tomlin, but not before he was forced to let go stars Nadia Bjorlin, Bren Foster and Emmy winner Tamara Braun.

Real classy, Ken Doll!

“Gary did not agree with the firings,” relays a source. “He was very upset about having to let Nadia, Crystal [Chappell], and Louise [Sorel] go. He doesn’t understand what’s happening.”

But he did understand and suspect that he’d be the next to go, adds the insider. And he was. Which is a shame, because although Tomlin was seemingly obsessed with making DAYS Passions-Lite, the venerable producer contributed to some of DAYS’ great stories, kept the show on budget, attracted top-drawer talent, put Salem on the Emmy map for the first time in decades and mentored the cast and crew beautifully.

“He’ll be missed,” says one actor. “Ken’s making a huge mistake, especially since [a certain actress] is helping in the decision making. We all doubt NBC will renew the show. It’s too late; he let the show slide for far too long.”
A replacement is imminent, according to Soap Opera Network.

And yes, Nelson kissed Tomlin's ass since day 1. Sorry, but any true Days of our Lives fan would be thrilled that Tomlin is gone. Maybe Nelson would notice how bad DOOL is now, if he ACTUALLY WATCHED THE SOAPS HE IS PAID TO COVER.

EDIT:  He's still bashing Kristian on Twitter:
@Mimi_088 My latest BS story: Kristian Alfonso is the best actress in daytime. She, seriously, takes soaps to a new heights! LOVE HER!

Diva's gloat fest part 2 blogtalkradio show!


Join us this Saturday night at 10 pm est on our blogtalkradio show to gloat over the firing of Gary Tomlin, the awful executive producer of Days of our Lives.

Days slinks up to 5th place


You can read all the ratings at SON.

The Douchebag bashes Kristian Alfonso on twitter


SudsReport Nelson Branco
@RecksLumberjack Well, when an actor kills a story, it's her fault!

SudsReport Nelson Branco
@Mimi_088 Well, maybe certain actresses shouldn't demand not acting with their rivals... soaps are dying....

SudsReport Nelson Branco
Seriously, I love Kristian; she was ROBBED of an Emmy nom during Gina and Zack's death. She's brilliant. When she wants to be.

i just want to say that Kristian Alfonso is the best actor in the business. Brava!

SudsReport Nelson Branco
Which DAYS actress is anorexic? And a bitch? And can't act?!

SudsReport Nelson Branco
Certain soap actors are just to blame for the destruction of this genre as soap execs. OVER IT!

SudsReport Nelson Branco
Memo to a certain DAYS actress: take an acting class!

SudsReport Nelson Branco
When DAYS is canceled, you can blame a certain anorexic hair model.

SudsReport Nelson Branco
@TeenDramaDude Lies; really? What lie did I write about Kristian?

SudsReport Nelson Branco
@buttons30 Revise: Um, Because she's too good for this show. Meryl Streep doesn't belong on DAYS; and neither does Chappell.

SudsReport Nelson Branco
OK, I admit it: I slept in Chappell's sheets instead of washing them! Shhhh....

SudsReport Nelson Branco
I swear stars are their own worse enemies!

SudsReport Nelson Branco
A certain soap diva won't like me 2morrow!

EDIT: Yeah, here you go:
crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
And just so u know...while ppl have different perspectives....I LOVE @SudsReport! Send him love plz!

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
"@KayLM85: I'm not sure what Bope fans hating on you has to do with @SudsReport attacking Kristian?"/ not sure what that has to do with me

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
Ppl can speak freely as they like....

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
I was a journalism major for a while...ppl can say what they feel....onward

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
Trust me when I is coming

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
@stwinter84 so agree...I feel that way everytime I get Bope hate...xo...truly mean this

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
Times change...past isn't sucks but we move...onward...

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
@samency Thnx...Kristian fans....I understand...let's go with love...but ill still support free speech....just like twitter.

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
@texaschick365 @texaschick365 @91Lene just another journalist ...blogger... love SOS...dont take it personallly..cant lose journalist roots

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
if Carly is gone....who cares....except....that pesky tell all book

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
Im ready to leave...........

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
@candlemama always....this biz is fucked.....

crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
@HotMessMandy I know shit ppl dont...but dont condone hate...but ok with mistakes....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Francisco San Martin out at DOOL!


It's about time! Francisco San Martin who boringly portrayed Dario Hernandez is finally gone at Days of our Lives. About bloody time! This is all according to Francisco's twitter page.

Nelson Branco is a douchebag part infinity


Here's what the moron wrote yesterday in his supposed-to-be-funny "fearless" summer predictions:

Executive producer Kristian, er, Ken Corday wishes a tsunami on Venice.
• John and Marlena come back with a new kid.
• Hope eats a cheeseburger!

Anyone with an elementary level of reading ability knows how much Nelson Branco kissed Crystal Chappell's ass going on now for years. Was it really necessary for him to bash Kristian Alfonso because Crystal got fired? I seriously doubt Kristian has any pull on who gets hired or fired. This is such immature fanboy stuff that it's embarrassing. Yeah, we are all still wondering how this freakish, ass kissing, non soap watching douchebag still has a job writing for anyone.

Mark Hapka back at DOOL


According to, Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) will be back on Days of our Lives to break up Dario and Melanie. Bad news is, we're still stuck with Dario. Our very prophetic Miss Anna, was wishing for a Hapka return on our blogtalkradio show last weekend.

Free at last! Gary Tomlin out as executive producer of DOOL


Thank goodness! According to SON, Gary Tomlin known for his lack of quality production values is toast at Days of our Lives. Man, this reminds me of my victory dance when James E. Reilly got fired. Hopefully, all soaps will take note on how not to produce a show. Under Tomlin's tenure, the show fired its most famous stars to replace them with actors from Passions with questionable acting abilities. This is the same man that Stephen Nichols complained about who said the actors didn't have to emote, just read the lines, the fans will get it. The show looked like crap under Tomlin. The sets are cheap and embarrassing. Basically, Tomlin treated Days fans like they are dumb. Good riddance!

Gloat here!