Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday's Queen of the Night tweets

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Madison gets room service for her and Brady. #days

Bope conspire at the Pub. Carrie gets nasty with someone on the phone at the Safe house.

Geez Madison is a pain in the ass. She's mad that Brady thought she bailed on him. Can you blame him? #days

Madison said their night together was perfect. Until she ruined it by getting dressed the next morning. #days

Madison and Brady start making out on the bed again. Rafe compliments Carrie on her fighting for John. #days

Rafe discusses his vow renewal plans for the Horton Sq with Carrie. Carrie tells Rafe that Sami is lucky. #days

John wants to leave, but EJ asks for them to stay. #days

Bradison finished round 2 already off screen. #days

#days needs new sex music. Just sayin' Brady talks Madison into taking the day off.

Bope shows up at Rafe's. Rafe figures out that it's an old picture of John at that cafe. Time stamp doesn't match the shadows.

Stefano wants John to sell Basic Black to him. EJ will drop the lawsuit in exchange. #days

Brady and Madison hang up their named ornaments at the Horton tree at the Horton Sq. And they sit on Santa's lap. #days

John speculates that Stefano wants to buy his company to cover up the embezzlement and get EJ elected as mayor. Well, duh #days

Bradison decorate a tree at Madison's hotel room. She hasn't had a tree since she was a kid. #days

Ej tells John that his theory is "entertaining." Stefano tells them that John's workers won't be happy about not taking the offer. #days

John tells Stefano to "shove it" and throws the paperwork at him. #days

Bope explains to Carrie/Rafe about the EJ/Stefano/Alice connection. #days

Brady mentions Shelle and Claire. #days

Come on Hope. Do you really think threatening Stefano with his promise to Alice is going to work? #days

I do like Marlena's outfit. Kind of dominatrix. lol #days

John speculates on how Stefano stole the pension money. John thinks he knows who the insider was. #days

Stefano refers to Marlena as "Queen of the Night". #days

Brady gives Madison a Christmas gift, while he tries to slip her another one for the third time. lol #days

Ej and Stefano leave. #days

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