Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday's checkmate tweets


Mel and Gabi show up at Quinn's spa. #days

Chad tries to sneak out of the spa. Mel spies him. Meanwhile, Abby and Austin run into each other at the Horton square.

State at the DiMansion. Madison threatens to fire Sami. #day Bope at the Pub.

Kate wants Stefano to start confiding in her. He disagrees. #days

Bo gets Susan Banks from Marlena. Hope calls unseen, but heard. Ouch my ears!

Abby is supposed to join the girls at the spa, but she's more interested in talking to Austin. #days Austin asks for her help.

omg this Susan Banks stuff is excruciating. Susan tells Hope that Stefano went to Alice after EJ was born. Susan pretends she has static.

State kiss! #days Stefano tells Kate he knows she has secrets, but he trusts her.

omg it's Chris! #days

My son asked if Chris was a boy. #days lmfao

Kate gives Chris $ to buy coffee so she can eavesdrop on Sami and Madison.

Kate says "bitch" in Sami's direction. #days

Hope notices that Stefano has the same baby photo of EJ that Alice had. Stefano knows about Hope's phone call to Susan. #days

Austin asks Abby what she thinks makes a good teacher. #days I would suggest go shirtless to class. lol

Kate wants Sami 2 stand up 2 Madison. Sami accuses Kate of wanting Sami 2 get fired. i think it helps Kate more to keep Sami employed there.

Hope whips out the note she found in Alice's ornament. #days

Austin says he quit boxing. Abby tells him she is going into journalism.

Melanie accidentally drops her towel in front of Chad while searching for her cell phone at the spa.

Kate tells Sami to stand up for herself against Madison. #days

Austin turns down Abby's offer to go to her award ceremony. Then he offers to take Carrie if she's free.

Sami begins to tell off Madison. Stefano leaves after he gets tired of another Bope interrogation.

Chad gets a free massage from Quinn. I'm sure Will will be there soon. lol

Holy hell. Quinn offers a free spa day to Abby. How does he stay in business if he keeps giving it away for free? #days

Kate overhears while Sami tells off Madison. Sami threatens to quit. Madison backs off. Kate gives Sami a smirk. lol #days #teamkate

Hope moves Stefano's queen into checkmate. Stefano says the game is far from over. #days

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  1. Austin has jiggly man boobs. They were quite noticeable in his other shirtless scenes. I LMFO at them. The last thing I want to ever see again is a shirtless Austin.