Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday's Anna gets an ornament tweets


For real. Not only was Anna Fredericks Brady DiMera DiMera DiMera mentioned in today's episode, she even gets her own ornament.

Kayla! Yeah, my schedule cleared up. Live tweets today.#days

Austin tells Sami that she has the "I'm not getting my way" look. #days Carrie is with Rafe in the Safe apartment

Chad and Gabi at the Horton Sq. #days

Abby and Mel at Abby's house. Jen walks in. Abby gets her award in the mail. Jen is upset with her break up with Daniel. #days

Austin jokes and asks who committed the sin for the Safe vow renewals. #days

Abby tells Jen she likes someone else in front of Mel. #days

Breaking up with a perfectly good boyfriend because you have a crush on an older married man is not a good idea. #days

Austin compliments Sami on her career, and how she turned her life around. #days

Gabi quizzes Chad on Thomas Hobbes for an exam. #days

Abby tells Mel she doesn't want to hurt Chad. Jen and Mel wants Abby to tell Chad the truth. #days

Austin goes home to an empty hotel room that looks like Tony's old room at the DiMansion. #days

Rafe thanks Carrie for giving him meaningful work. He gives her a hug. Sami walks in. ra roh #days

Melanie fantasizes about Chad while Abby decides if she is going to break up with him or not. #days

Chad fantasizes about Melanie while talking to Gabi. Geez, these kids are so rude. lol #days

Rafe kisses and hugs Sami. He tells her they have a break in John's case. #days

Sami tells Carrie that Austin is waiting for her, and Carrie leaves. #days

Melanie tells Abby to do what's right for her. "Her" as in Melanie. #days

Carrie apologizes to Austin for being late. #days

#thingsoverheardatthedivahouse "You almost shot baby Jesus."
@Nicholle78 Kids are playing with a nerf rocket. My little one almost hit baby Jesus in the manger.

Carrie reminiscences about Christmas in Switzerland. #days

Austin gives Carrie a Christmas present already, a Christmas photo album. #days

Carrie has been texting Anna! omg! #days Someone tell Roman who has been "looking" for her.

Rafe and Sami decide to renew their vows in front of the Horton plaque at the Square. #days

Rafe carries Safe to the bedroom. Chad spies Mel at the Sq. #days

omg..Carrie and Austin put up their ornaments and one for Anna on the Horton Square Christmas tree. Jen compliments their marriage.

I'm thinking there's a reason for the Anna mentions today. #justsayin #days At least I hope so.

What was the point of having Kayla on the show for ten whole seconds? #days

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