Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vote for NaVell for a People's Choice Award!


People's Choice Awards air on CBS on January 11, 2012! The show is offering its very first "Fan Award," where people can nominate their friends or themselves to win. Grand prize is a trip to the PCAs and receive Red Carpet treatment. One of the nominees is Blogtalkradio's own host, NaVell J. Lee! To vote for him, go to and wish him luck! You can vote once a day and spread the word! We need to get over 1500 votes! Make it happen! *Can only vote on the PC, cannot vote on mobile devices*

NaVell is the host of Buzzworthy blogtalkradio show. If you live under a rock and don't know NaVell, he has interviewed pretty much every actor on Days of Our Lives.

Good luck NaVell!

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