Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday's playing the sub sex card tweets


I got a call, and missed the last fifteen minutes. No live tweets tomorrow or Thursday. Follow me @divaofdool

Daniel picks out a card for Maggie. His hands start shaking again. #days

Stefano shows up to reconcile with Lexie. Lexie's not interested. #Days

Marlena talks to Bope about using the Stefano IOU. Carrie and Rafe are also present at the Black penthouse. #days

Bo tells Marlena that John is going to be transported to one of the worst prisons in the system. #days

Stefano finished with his doctor's visit, so he went to visit Lexie. He tells her he knows she still wants to be a part of the DiFamily.

Stefano's got Lexie crying. Lexie mentions all the dirt that EJ is throwing at Abe. Lexie will not forgive nor forget. #days

Lexie breaks her ties with her father. He leaves without saying a word. Awww poor Steffie. #days

Daniel takes pics of Mel and Maggie. Mel confesses she's done shopping. Mel offers to buy a couples massage for Magic. #days

Daniel leaves. Maggie asks Melanie to help her buy something for Daniel. #days

Lexie tells Daniel his health is fine. He asks for dr/patient privilege. #days

Bope shows up at the DiMansion to ask Stefano to make good on his IOU and free John Black. #days

Stefano does not want to do Bope's request. He said it was intended for Alice. #days

Maggie picks out cuff links for Daniel. #days

Daniel tells Lexie about the tremors. #days

Daniel tells Lexie to cover for him for surgeries, but Daniel will still keep all his lymph node exams to himself. #days

Maggie asks Mel if she need therapy for her kidnapping trauma. #days

Mel said she's going to talk to Marlena. #days

Marlena tells Carrie that she was offered a job to head the psychiatry residency apartment at Salem U. #days

Carrie tells Marlena that she and Austin are staying in Salem, and Austin's new job. #days

Stefano asks why Hope is wasting Alice's IOU on John Black. Stefano tries to make Bo jealous of John. #days

Bope had a private bet that Stefano would play the sub sex card on them. lol #days

Stefano turns down Bope. #days

Daniel goes to the Pub to see Maggie/Mel. Mel hides the cuff links behind her back. #days

Daniel opens his gift. #days He's moved, but he is down about his hands. #days

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