Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday's Bachelor #2 tweets

You can follow the Diva on twitter here. No live tweets on Wednesday. I have plans.

Brady and Madison have a talk. Daniel's shows up at Jen's. Jen's worried about Abby. He's there to take Jen out on a date. #days

Marlena shows up at John's cell. Poor guy can't get any peace. lol #days

Marlena gives John some food. Lucky for him, she didn't cook it. #days

Daniel takes Jen ice skating. Jen mentions that Hope is a pro skater. #days

Diva's random thought: does any woman really want 24 hour lipstick?

Loved the Mad episode last night. "Lost" island was the island of misfit toys. lol

I did waste another 2 hours on "Bag of Bones" last night. Lame

Brady gives Madison the snacks they munched on during the blizzard. #days

I like the snowflake light show by Brady. awwwwwwwww #days

Jen takes Jack's call during her date. Dan asks Jen about Jack's ptsd. #days Daniel's hands start shaking while untying a knot for Jen.

Heard "High n Dry" by Def Leppard on the radio today. Never heard that song on the radio ever. Gotta find that album in the house somewhere

Daniel bought tickets for Jen for the Nutcracker, Jack already got them. Jen's the ultimate nutcracker! lol #days

Madison and Brady start dancing. Couldn't care less about this couple. #days

Marlena might take a job a Salem U. I guess Salem U didn't get any budget cuts. #days

Marlena tells John she'll find a way to get him out of there. He questions what she is up to. #days

Daniel tells Jen he doesn't want to be Bachelor #2. Daniel tells Jen he's leaving her. #days

Brady goes to leave, Madison asks him to stay. #days

Marlena tells John she's starting her own investigation. John blows a fuse. #days

Daniel tells Jen that she loves Jack. #days

Brady and Madison do it in an actual bed. #days

Marlena feeds John strawberries and whipped cream. #days

Breaking up with Jen has to be the most mature thing Daniel has done since he's been in Salem. #days

Jen and Daniel part ways, for now. #days

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