Monday, December 26, 2011



Days of Our Lives falls back into fifth place. You can read all the gory details at SON.


  1. well, is there any wonder... the reboot has failed.. the days of melanie and the perfect egg baby lives is failing miserably.. you have once beloved legacy characters fawning over this pair, yes, jennifer and maggie this means you...

    i like the marlena/will dynamic and the fact that sami is squirming...

    aside from that, since i have been home for the christmas break , there is nothing that really catches my interest, jennifer is a shrew, jack is her punching bag.. carrrie and austin blah,, the out of no where infatuation of abby for austin, who took care of her as a baby .. bare chested men frolicking around, bonding with a former pimp doesn't want to make me watch

  2. "Bare chested men and a pimp?" sounds like Passions of our Lives. LOL!

  3. Sami interactions with other characters (minus with boring and dull and anti-chemistry Rafe) are the only saving graces of this awful soap (with Will and Marlena interactions but it is related to Sami) and it is not enough !! Even Ej is a bore without some scenes with Sami. This soap is a borefest and the lower ratings are karma ! ha.