Friday, December 2, 2011

Ratings, Days up to 4th


All soaps gained viewers except for the Young and the Restless. You can read all the details at SON.


  1. Writers continue to write stories FOR (and not against them as usual) Ej and Sami TOGETHER, these two actors HAVE to interact no matter what (and interesting and deep dynamics they have with major characters aka Will and Marlena) and you will have ratings.
    Moreover the Jack/Marlena story is pretty good.

  2. The show is AWESOME the last two weeks or so!!!!! GO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! Friday's episode was threw the Roof!!!!!!! Chandler Massey's scenes were heartwrenching!!!!!!!!!

  3. i agree that chandler massey was amazing, the montage song, a bit cheesy but still.. cannot wait until will finally confronts his faithless mother.
    as well the jack/marlena scenes were powerful.
    now let him walk away from his shrew of an ex wife and i will be a happy camper

  4. I am surprised that they even counted Thankgiving week since there were only 3 days of actual shows and a lot of repeats. The show is better but I don't think this week gives a true picture.

  5. yep last anonym if they again return to some boring angst for some boring pairings a la Rafe/Sami and Ej/Nicole you can bet ratings will drop once again..they better let Ej and Sami interact a lot, give a meaty storyline to Will and write Marlena and Jack outside of the predictable and boring angst with John and Jennifer..they better..and stop the boring and tiring the Dimera are behind everything bad plot point.

  6. So totally agree with the last post...Days Must Maintain the Momentum it's built the last two weeks...It's been great the last few weeks and it's because the writers are finally thinking outside the box...Too, I think mixing Marlena and Quinn up together is ingenious...hmmm, perhaps Vivian will somehow learn about this and become jealous, prompting her return to's soap afterall..