Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ratings, Days stays in 4th


The ratings for all the soaps fell, but Days of Our Lives remains in 4th. You can read the entire breakdown at SON.

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  1. ha ha and like i said the ratings drop once again when you have almost NO interaction between Ej and Sami and the again lameass pairings of Sami/Rafe (get him Carrie, like that...FREE Sami !) and Ej and Nicole (since when Ej gives a damn about Nicole ?..nonsense and contrived and boring..whatever) The teens storylines are a BORE, free Jack from this lame triangle please and Marlena well her and her John worshipping is LAME..
    Writers again you did not get it despite this previous potential good week with the Sami/Ej hate sex with Will becoming a new Sami..too bad..too sad.