Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's "kept man" tweets


Days of Our Lives was mostly dull today. Bope was upset about Zack's death. Nice showdowns between John and EJ, and Marlena and Nicole. Chandler Massey is still killing it as pissed off Will. You can follow me on Twitter here.

EJ is a real politician. He whipped out a photo of an old lady talking about how John stole her pension.

Why are Bo and Hope decorating Jenn's house for Christmas? #days

Sami is shocked that Will flipped out at Maggie's house. #days

Carrie's hair looks awful. #days

SandyPaws Sandra
AWFUL, she looks like a bridesmaid! RT @DivaofDOOL: Carrie's hair looks awful. #days

John caresses Marlena's chin. Marlena mentions hearing from Belle. #days

Must be a bad hair day in Salem, even Rafe's hair looks bizarre. #days

Having a hard time coming up with good tweets for #days. The show so far is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

EJ makes a good point. Why would Carrie want to go to court with EJ civilly when John already plead guilty criminally? #days

Bope mentions Shelle. They are not coming to Salem for Christmas. #days

Hope says she needs to hear Zach's name out loud. *sniffle* #days

Marlena and Nicole having a little spat. #days

John asks EJ how he's going to give the money back to the people it was stolen from unless EJ was the one who stole it in the first place.

Bo and Hope wish Zack a merry Christmas. *sob* #days

EJ denies stealing the money. It's entertaining watching EJ make a total ass out of himself about the pension money. #days

Safe asks Will to apologize to Maggie and "do the right thing." Will throws that in Sami's face. #days

Hope finds something in Alice's ornament. #days

@SandyPaws Madison and her lacy whorish business clothes need to find a dumpster asap.

Rafe refers to himself as a "kept man". lmfao! #days

EJ leaves the deposition after almost instigating John into punching him. #days

Marlena questions why Nicole left Brady for EJ. Now, that's a good question! #days

Julie's on tomorrow! #days

Hope finds a note from Stefano in Alice's ornament asking for her to be given every courtesy that he would receive. #days

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