Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday's "don't expect me to hug her" tweets


Here are today's tweets. For the most part, a pretty boring show. @divaofdool

Bradison flirt in front of Sami. Poor Sami! Brady leaves when Sami makes herself known. Sami is so annoyed. lol #days

Sami calls out Madison taking off work for sex when Madison got mad at Sami for a spa day. Who is running this company? #days

Nicole tests some of Countess W's products. Kate catches her. Kate questions why Nicole is with EJ again. #days

Carrie sings Rafe's praises again at the Horton Sq. Carrie tells Rafe John would never accept an offer from Stefano. #days

John tells Carrie about EJ's offer. Carrie tells John the date stamp was altered on the Paris pic. I'm tired of hearing about this pic.

Madison threatens to fire Sami if she doesn't butt out of her relationship with Brady. EJ tries to make peace between Kate/Nicole. #days

Kate says, "Fine, don't expect me to hug her" to EJ about Nicole. lol #days

Marlena and Rafe leave. Carrie asks John how he is really doing. #days

Sami calls Rafe. Sami tells him to go back to helping John. #days

Nicole asks for the bar to be fully stocked if she has to spend the holidays with the DiMeras. #days

EJ tells Nicole he offered to buy Basic Black.

Nicole asks EJ if he or Stefano was involved in stealing the pension $. EJ asks her if she thinks he's capable of doing that. She says yes.

phone call

EJ flashes back to his ten seconds with Sami on the couch. Carrie tells J&M that he will tell the judge that John will pay the $ back. #days

EJole exchanges "I love you's". EJ gives Nicole a massage as a X-mas gift, and sends her upstairs. #days

Carrie and Rafe tell Marlena that there's another way to do a deal with Stefano. #days

Brady joins Madison at the Pub. Brady tells Madison that he barred Sami from talking about them. #days

Kate offers to help Sami with her work situation. #days

Nicole tells the massage therapist that she "has kinks in places you wouldn't believe." #days

Nicole starts feeling up the massage therapist. lol Nicole starts hitting on him. EJ of course is the therapist, and is shocked. lol

Rafe tells Marlena about the Stefano/Alice connection. Rafe wants John to use the IOU. #days

Kate offers Sami a job at Countess W. Yeah, we're all shocked. #days

Madison is dressed like a cheerleader at a Christmas parade. #days

EJ didn't realize that Nicole knew it was him all along. #days

Marlena doesn't want to indebted to Stefano. #days

Carrie asks Marlena if they should make the deal with Stefano or not. #days

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  1. Ej and Nicole are disgusting and is not the Ej i loved, they once again destroyed him..and the ratings drop drop drop..