Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's "crook in designer clothes" tweets


Live tweets. The Carvers visit Jen. Jen wants to play dirty with EJ's past, the Carvers don't agree.

EJole wake up in bed together. Ej says he loves her. #days

Madison tells Sami not to screw up a business deal. Madison walks into Brady's office. #days

Chris calls Kate to say he can't go into work because his bronzer made him orange. Well, he shouldn't have used Dan's bronzer then. #days

Jen calls EJ a "crook in designer clothes." #days

Sami chasing around the kids near Santa's chair. Kate watches Sami being overwhelmed. #days Kate offers to help with the kids.

Brady and Madison bickering. zzzzzzz #days

EJ gives a speech. #days

Sami accuses Kate of not being a good grandmother, but admits she never lets Kate see the kids. #days

The Carvers and Jen get the news that the children's luncheon wasn't postponed. EJ and some biz assoc. donate money. #days

Jen confronts Ejole. Sami agrees to have Kate watch the kids. The kids are overjoyed. Kate is warned about no sugar and gifts. #days

Kate makes the kids promise not to tell Sami that she is buying them hot chocolate and candy. lol #days

Jen calls EJ "a pathetic human being." #days

EJ's sitting in Santa's chair. Now that would make a great screencap. #days

Sami busts Kate giving the kids candy, cocoa, and toys. The kids love Grandma Kate. Sami thanks Kate. Sami says her meeting went well.

Kate tells Sami that Stefano wants to see the kids. Sami says no. Kate says she had to ask. #days

Brady and Madison bicker on whether or not she's a tease or crazy. lol I vote both. #days

EJ tells Nicole she went too far with getting Abe not to show up at the luncheon. #days

Jen wants Abe to reconsider fighting dirty with EJ. #days

Brady kisses Madison. Only Madison could make Brady so dull. #days

Lexie leaves the room to get a phone call, Abe tells Jen to do what she has to do to win the election. #days

Lexie comes back to the room to tell Abe she's proud that he's sticking to his principles. #days


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