Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Scooby Doo gang tweets


Here's today's tweets. Funny how the DiMeras and Justin and Adrienne weren't notified of Chad and Melanie's kidnapping.

Live tweets during #days now. This dumb website storyline gets even dumber with the kidnapping of Mel and Chad.

Will tries to put the website back up. #days

Well, Jack and Victor are at the Pub with Jen, Daniel, and Maggie. Well that's more like it. #days

Why hasn't anyone contacted Stefano, EJ, and Lexie about Chad's kidnapping? #days

year after year, the "kids" on the show are always better cops than the SPD. #days

The song "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" reminds me of that X Files episode every friggin time. Thanks Mulder and Scully!

Man, Rafe is pouting like a baby because Bope won't pretend he's still on the force. Austin's not happy to see Carrie console Rafe. #days

don't care about Chad and Melanie. The Scooby Doo gang is at the Chloe dumpster. #days

The bad guy pulls a gun on Gabi and Abby. Yayness. #days

Austin goes ballistic on Rafe, Carrie pulls him aside. I don't even understand what they are really arguing about. #days

Sonny finds a clue. "A clue, a clue!" And he didn't even sit in his thinking chair. #bluesclues

Chad and Melanie kiss. #days

Austin finds Rafe's cell phone when Will answers. Will tells him where Chelanie are. Jen overhears. #days

Austin's hot when he's angry. pssst keep pissing him off! #days

Gabi and Abby join Chelanie. Rafe tells J/J, Daniel, and Carrie the news. #days

Jack starts flipping out, and of course, Daniel tries to calm him down. #days

Sonny tells Bope that Gabi/Abby got kidnapped too. Rafe tells Hope that Austin is on the way. #days

Will gets the website back up. The bad dudes notice. #days

Chad kicks the door down. Sonny saves Mel. Chad saves Gabi, Bope shows up. Austin beats up the ringleader saving Abby. #days

For once, Rafe didn't save the day. #days

Gabi reunites with Rafe. Will walks off. Abby reunites with her parents. Daniel & Mel, etc. #days Sonny and Magic.

Carrie and Austin reunite while Abby and Rafe get jealous. #days

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