Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's bromance and baseball tweets


Jack, Daniel, and Austin get together at the Brady Pub to discuss baseball. lol Poor Mary Beth Evans is basically doing nothing but serving guys food and beer. Follow me daily @divaofdool.

Chabby talks about self defense classes. Gabi gets a receptionist job at the Quinn's spa. #days

Abby runs into Austin again. Gabi sees the sparks. #days

Jack and Jen discuss Abby's safety at Jen's house. Jack says he got Abby a cell phone. #days

Jen says Jack would have been better off with a gps phone in Afghanistan. Looks like Jen has a bruise on her chin, or it's just me. #days

Really don't like Jack's clothes. Way too casual for him. He just needs slippers and a pipe. #days

Jen says Jack's "not boring." #days

Austin asks Abby if she slept ok. She said, ok, then admitted she was lying. She said she feels safe with Austin. #days

I would like to see Austin teach boxing at Quinn's. Just sayin' #days

Austin wants Carrie to take self defense lessons. Abby's disappointed. Chad wants to invite Mel to the class. #days

Mel fantasizes about Chad around her dad. #days

Now Melanie is working at the spa and the hospital. I guess we are going to see more of the spa. Caroline is hiring btw. #days

Surprise! Abby might take Austin's course. #days
Patrick Muldoon
MuldoonPatrick Patrick Muldoon
"@DivaofDOOL: Surprise! Abby might take Austin's course. #days" soooo? That's no big deal Carrie.. It's just a class u know? : )
MuldoonPatrick Patrick Muldoon
"@DivaofDOOL: @MuldoonPatrick Where do I sign up? I got a B in accounting in college. lol" LOL xo

Another Kayla sighting. She's working behind the bar and serves Daniel. I like Mary Beth in fuchsia. #days

Jen tells jack she still loves Daniel. Oh, the pain on his face. #days

Just noticed everyone is wearing fuchsia. Melanie is, Chad is wearing a different shade. I'm still trying to learn to spell fuchsia. lol

Austin buys Carrie the "queen for the day" package. Austin and Gabi discuss how Abby has grown up. #days

Austin orders a beer and a hamburger from Kayla. Kayla wants to know if they should install a flat screen. I vote yes! #days

Austin and Daniel begin a bromance. #days lol

Jen's rehashing her issues with Jack. After she told him to forget the past earlier this eppy. #days

Jen leaves Jack to go back to work. #days

Abby finds Austin's hat. Austin laments giving up his season tickets to Daniel. Daniel offers his. #bromance #days (I didn't meant Austin gave his tickets to Daniel, he was complaining to Daniel about giving them up. Then Daniel offered his.)

Kayla doesn't look happy to see Jack. Daniel wants to talk baseball. You know, during the off-season. lol #bromance #days

Jack tells Dan that he told Jen that Dan's "an idiot." Jack tells Dan that Jen still hasn't made up her mind. #days

Abby tells Mel she is worried that she might tell Chad about her crush. #days

@MuldoonPatrick lmao at Austin telling Jack and Daniel about the benefits of being single and baseball.

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  1. Yes Jennifer, Jack is boring. It pains me to say it because I adore Jack. The whole show is boring me to tears. This past week was awful. Please, get Bradison off screen. What a waste of screen time for a couple with absolutely no chemistry.