Friday, December 2, 2011

Diva's "hot for teacher" Friday tweets


Yes, I am back doing my live tweets during Days of Our Lives. Follow me @divaofdool. I will try to live tweet daily at 3 pm est.

Holy cow! It's Roman. Maybe he wants a massage from Quinn. lol #days

Will ignores Gabi's obvious signs that she doesn't want to live with him. Austin and Carrie discuss their future. #days

Roman gives Quinn a not so nice tap on the cheek. That's the most action Roman has had since Anna left town. #days

You'd think #days would learn from the scarf incident with Ejaylor that the Austin/Abby hat thing isn't going to work either.

Kaman! Stop the press! #days

Oh come on! We got a ten second Kaman scene? WTF? #days

@24csi Austin and Abby probably have a better chance than Taylor and EJ.

I haven't been paying that much attention, but why did Sami go home after Madison yelled at her for NOT showing up at work? #days

@24csi I don't want Austin and Abby together, but they do have better chemistry than Ejaylor. #days

If Austin was my professor, I would change my major to accounting. I hate accounting. But who cares? lol #days

got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. I'm hot for teacher. Abby and Austin's love song. #days #vanhalen

Roman is warning Madison about Stefano. I guess we won't get a Brady/Madison/Roman triangle soon huh? lol #days

@xenabobb I have a crush on Austin. I admit it. I like Kate Mansi. She's doing a great job. #days

@exiledhuntress @24csi It's better than reminiscing about Stefano's couch. lol #days

Will is probably the first guy ever in the history of #days to get dumped for not putting out enough.

Quinn to Kate, "I love it when you are feeling devious." Me too Quinn! lol #days

wtf? Why does Madison have more screen time with Roman than Kate? #days

Funny how Roman wants to keep Sami out of the "crosshairs" when Roman didn't keep her safe at the Pub 2 weeks ago. #days

Gabi wants to take a break from Will. We all know what that means. #days

Gabi breaks up with Will. Will trashes his Aunt Maggie's house. #days

Chad restrains Will who is totally freaking out. #days

Monday's preview. Hope finds a scroll in a Horton ornament. *Diva runs off to check her ornaments for scrolls.*

When Madison explained to Brady that she needs a foothold in Salem to compete with Kate, that's basically the same sentiment #days fans have

Why should we cheer for Madison when Kate is the home town girl? #days

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