Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diva's 68th blogtalkradio show!


Join us this FRIDAY live at 10 pm est as we discuss the last week of Days of Our Lives. Be ready to do our Diva drinking game! Every time Anna mentions Kate, you must take a drink! lol

Monday, December 26, 2011



Days of Our Lives falls back into fifth place. You can read all the gory details at SON.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Diva's 67th blogtalkradio show is ready for playback!


We had our weekly show tonight instead of Saturday because of Christmas Eve. Thanks to all the callers and fans in our chat room tonight. Our next show again, will be next Friday at 10 pm est, then we will return to Saturdays in January.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Diva's 67th blogtalkradio show this FRIDAY!


Join us this Friday for our 67th blogtalkradio show at 10 pm est. We will be broadcasting on Friday for the next two weeks, then we will resume our Saturday night shows in 2012.

Sony Days of Our Lives board is back!


Well, it only took six months, but the Sony board is back. It is brand new with some updated features. None of the old threads were restored. Go check it out and help pimp your favorite actors/characters.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday's playing the sub sex card tweets


I got a call, and missed the last fifteen minutes. No live tweets tomorrow or Thursday. Follow me @divaofdool

Daniel picks out a card for Maggie. His hands start shaking again. #days

Stefano shows up to reconcile with Lexie. Lexie's not interested. #Days

Marlena talks to Bope about using the Stefano IOU. Carrie and Rafe are also present at the Black penthouse. #days

Bo tells Marlena that John is going to be transported to one of the worst prisons in the system. #days

Stefano finished with his doctor's visit, so he went to visit Lexie. He tells her he knows she still wants to be a part of the DiFamily.

Stefano's got Lexie crying. Lexie mentions all the dirt that EJ is throwing at Abe. Lexie will not forgive nor forget. #days

Lexie breaks her ties with her father. He leaves without saying a word. Awww poor Steffie. #days

Daniel takes pics of Mel and Maggie. Mel confesses she's done shopping. Mel offers to buy a couples massage for Magic. #days

Daniel leaves. Maggie asks Melanie to help her buy something for Daniel. #days

Lexie tells Daniel his health is fine. He asks for dr/patient privilege. #days

Bope shows up at the DiMansion to ask Stefano to make good on his IOU and free John Black. #days

Stefano does not want to do Bope's request. He said it was intended for Alice. #days

Maggie picks out cuff links for Daniel. #days

Daniel tells Lexie about the tremors. #days

Daniel tells Lexie to cover for him for surgeries, but Daniel will still keep all his lymph node exams to himself. #days

Maggie asks Mel if she need therapy for her kidnapping trauma. #days

Mel said she's going to talk to Marlena. #days

Marlena tells Carrie that she was offered a job to head the psychiatry residency apartment at Salem U. #days

Carrie tells Marlena that she and Austin are staying in Salem, and Austin's new job. #days

Stefano asks why Hope is wasting Alice's IOU on John Black. Stefano tries to make Bo jealous of John. #days

Bope had a private bet that Stefano would play the sub sex card on them. lol #days

Stefano turns down Bope. #days

Daniel goes to the Pub to see Maggie/Mel. Mel hides the cuff links behind her back. #days

Daniel opens his gift. #days He's moved, but he is down about his hands. #days

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday's "don't expect me to hug her" tweets


Here are today's tweets. For the most part, a pretty boring show. @divaofdool

Bradison flirt in front of Sami. Poor Sami! Brady leaves when Sami makes herself known. Sami is so annoyed. lol #days

Sami calls out Madison taking off work for sex when Madison got mad at Sami for a spa day. Who is running this company? #days

Nicole tests some of Countess W's products. Kate catches her. Kate questions why Nicole is with EJ again. #days

Carrie sings Rafe's praises again at the Horton Sq. Carrie tells Rafe John would never accept an offer from Stefano. #days

John tells Carrie about EJ's offer. Carrie tells John the date stamp was altered on the Paris pic. I'm tired of hearing about this pic.

Madison threatens to fire Sami if she doesn't butt out of her relationship with Brady. EJ tries to make peace between Kate/Nicole. #days

Kate says, "Fine, don't expect me to hug her" to EJ about Nicole. lol #days

Marlena and Rafe leave. Carrie asks John how he is really doing. #days

Sami calls Rafe. Sami tells him to go back to helping John. #days

Nicole asks for the bar to be fully stocked if she has to spend the holidays with the DiMeras. #days

EJ tells Nicole he offered to buy Basic Black.

Nicole asks EJ if he or Stefano was involved in stealing the pension $. EJ asks her if she thinks he's capable of doing that. She says yes.

phone call

EJ flashes back to his ten seconds with Sami on the couch. Carrie tells J&M that he will tell the judge that John will pay the $ back. #days

EJole exchanges "I love you's". EJ gives Nicole a massage as a X-mas gift, and sends her upstairs. #days

Carrie and Rafe tell Marlena that there's another way to do a deal with Stefano. #days

Brady joins Madison at the Pub. Brady tells Madison that he barred Sami from talking about them. #days

Kate offers to help Sami with her work situation. #days

Nicole tells the massage therapist that she "has kinks in places you wouldn't believe." #days

Nicole starts feeling up the massage therapist. lol Nicole starts hitting on him. EJ of course is the therapist, and is shocked. lol

Rafe tells Marlena about the Stefano/Alice connection. Rafe wants John to use the IOU. #days

Kate offers Sami a job at Countess W. Yeah, we're all shocked. #days

Madison is dressed like a cheerleader at a Christmas parade. #days

EJ didn't realize that Nicole knew it was him all along. #days

Marlena doesn't want to indebted to Stefano. #days

Carrie asks Marlena if they should make the deal with Stefano or not. #days

Divas 66th blogtalkradio show 12/17 by Diva of DOOL | Blog Talk Radio

Divas 66th blogtalkradio show 12/17 by Diva of DOOL | Blog Talk Radio

This week's show is ready for playback. This coming week's show will be on FRIDAY this week and next!

Days of Our Lives weekly preview clip




Days of Our Lives hits new lows, but stays in fourth place. You can read all the details at SON.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's bromance and baseball tweets


Jack, Daniel, and Austin get together at the Brady Pub to discuss baseball. lol Poor Mary Beth Evans is basically doing nothing but serving guys food and beer. Follow me daily @divaofdool.

Chabby talks about self defense classes. Gabi gets a receptionist job at the Quinn's spa. #days

Abby runs into Austin again. Gabi sees the sparks. #days

Jack and Jen discuss Abby's safety at Jen's house. Jack says he got Abby a cell phone. #days

Jen says Jack would have been better off with a gps phone in Afghanistan. Looks like Jen has a bruise on her chin, or it's just me. #days

Really don't like Jack's clothes. Way too casual for him. He just needs slippers and a pipe. #days

Jen says Jack's "not boring." #days

Austin asks Abby if she slept ok. She said, ok, then admitted she was lying. She said she feels safe with Austin. #days

I would like to see Austin teach boxing at Quinn's. Just sayin' #days

Austin wants Carrie to take self defense lessons. Abby's disappointed. Chad wants to invite Mel to the class. #days

Mel fantasizes about Chad around her dad. #days

Now Melanie is working at the spa and the hospital. I guess we are going to see more of the spa. Caroline is hiring btw. #days

Surprise! Abby might take Austin's course. #days
Patrick Muldoon
MuldoonPatrick Patrick Muldoon
"@DivaofDOOL: Surprise! Abby might take Austin's course. #days" soooo? That's no big deal Carrie.. It's just a class u know? : )
MuldoonPatrick Patrick Muldoon
"@DivaofDOOL: @MuldoonPatrick Where do I sign up? I got a B in accounting in college. lol" LOL xo

Another Kayla sighting. She's working behind the bar and serves Daniel. I like Mary Beth in fuchsia. #days

Jen tells jack she still loves Daniel. Oh, the pain on his face. #days

Just noticed everyone is wearing fuchsia. Melanie is, Chad is wearing a different shade. I'm still trying to learn to spell fuchsia. lol

Austin buys Carrie the "queen for the day" package. Austin and Gabi discuss how Abby has grown up. #days

Austin orders a beer and a hamburger from Kayla. Kayla wants to know if they should install a flat screen. I vote yes! #days

Austin and Daniel begin a bromance. #days lol

Jen's rehashing her issues with Jack. After she told him to forget the past earlier this eppy. #days

Jen leaves Jack to go back to work. #days

Abby finds Austin's hat. Austin laments giving up his season tickets to Daniel. Daniel offers his. #bromance #days (I didn't meant Austin gave his tickets to Daniel, he was complaining to Daniel about giving them up. Then Daniel offered his.)

Kayla doesn't look happy to see Jack. Daniel wants to talk baseball. You know, during the off-season. lol #bromance #days

Jack tells Dan that he told Jen that Dan's "an idiot." Jack tells Dan that Jen still hasn't made up her mind. #days

Abby tells Mel she is worried that she might tell Chad about her crush. #days

@MuldoonPatrick lmao at Austin telling Jack and Daniel about the benefits of being single and baseball.

Diva's blogtalkradio show temporarily moving to Fridays!


Because of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve falling on Saturdays this year, we will temporarily be moving our weekly blogtalkradio show to Friday at 10 pm est those two weeks. In 2012, the show will move back to Saturdays.

Diva's 66th blogtalkradio show!


The Diva of Days of Our Lives and friends will host their 66th blogtalkradio show this Saturday at 10 pm est. Join our hostess, Anna as she discusses the last week of Days.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday's Queen of the Night tweets

Follow me daily @divaofdool

Madison gets room service for her and Brady. #days

Bope conspire at the Pub. Carrie gets nasty with someone on the phone at the Safe house.

Geez Madison is a pain in the ass. She's mad that Brady thought she bailed on him. Can you blame him? #days

Madison said their night together was perfect. Until she ruined it by getting dressed the next morning. #days

Madison and Brady start making out on the bed again. Rafe compliments Carrie on her fighting for John. #days

Rafe discusses his vow renewal plans for the Horton Sq with Carrie. Carrie tells Rafe that Sami is lucky. #days

John wants to leave, but EJ asks for them to stay. #days

Bradison finished round 2 already off screen. #days

#days needs new sex music. Just sayin' Brady talks Madison into taking the day off.

Bope shows up at Rafe's. Rafe figures out that it's an old picture of John at that cafe. Time stamp doesn't match the shadows.

Stefano wants John to sell Basic Black to him. EJ will drop the lawsuit in exchange. #days

Brady and Madison hang up their named ornaments at the Horton tree at the Horton Sq. And they sit on Santa's lap. #days

John speculates that Stefano wants to buy his company to cover up the embezzlement and get EJ elected as mayor. Well, duh #days

Bradison decorate a tree at Madison's hotel room. She hasn't had a tree since she was a kid. #days

Ej tells John that his theory is "entertaining." Stefano tells them that John's workers won't be happy about not taking the offer. #days

John tells Stefano to "shove it" and throws the paperwork at him. #days

Bope explains to Carrie/Rafe about the EJ/Stefano/Alice connection. #days

Brady mentions Shelle and Claire. #days

Come on Hope. Do you really think threatening Stefano with his promise to Alice is going to work? #days

I do like Marlena's outfit. Kind of dominatrix. lol #days

John speculates on how Stefano stole the pension money. John thinks he knows who the insider was. #days

Stefano refers to Marlena as "Queen of the Night". #days

Brady gives Madison a Christmas gift, while he tries to slip her another one for the third time. lol #days

Ej and Stefano leave. #days

Thursday's sneak peek clip


You can view the first 4 minutes of today's show here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday's Anna gets an ornament tweets


For real. Not only was Anna Fredericks Brady DiMera DiMera DiMera mentioned in today's episode, she even gets her own ornament.

Kayla! Yeah, my schedule cleared up. Live tweets today.#days

Austin tells Sami that she has the "I'm not getting my way" look. #days Carrie is with Rafe in the Safe apartment

Chad and Gabi at the Horton Sq. #days

Abby and Mel at Abby's house. Jen walks in. Abby gets her award in the mail. Jen is upset with her break up with Daniel. #days

Austin jokes and asks who committed the sin for the Safe vow renewals. #days

Abby tells Jen she likes someone else in front of Mel. #days

Breaking up with a perfectly good boyfriend because you have a crush on an older married man is not a good idea. #days

Austin compliments Sami on her career, and how she turned her life around. #days

Gabi quizzes Chad on Thomas Hobbes for an exam. #days

Abby tells Mel she doesn't want to hurt Chad. Jen and Mel wants Abby to tell Chad the truth. #days

Austin goes home to an empty hotel room that looks like Tony's old room at the DiMansion. #days

Rafe thanks Carrie for giving him meaningful work. He gives her a hug. Sami walks in. ra roh #days

Melanie fantasizes about Chad while Abby decides if she is going to break up with him or not. #days

Chad fantasizes about Melanie while talking to Gabi. Geez, these kids are so rude. lol #days

Rafe kisses and hugs Sami. He tells her they have a break in John's case. #days

Sami tells Carrie that Austin is waiting for her, and Carrie leaves. #days

Melanie tells Abby to do what's right for her. "Her" as in Melanie. #days

Carrie apologizes to Austin for being late. #days

#thingsoverheardatthedivahouse "You almost shot baby Jesus."
@Nicholle78 Kids are playing with a nerf rocket. My little one almost hit baby Jesus in the manger.

Carrie reminiscences about Christmas in Switzerland. #days

Austin gives Carrie a Christmas present already, a Christmas photo album. #days

Carrie has been texting Anna! omg! #days Someone tell Roman who has been "looking" for her.

Rafe and Sami decide to renew their vows in front of the Horton plaque at the Square. #days

Rafe carries Safe to the bedroom. Chad spies Mel at the Sq. #days

omg..Carrie and Austin put up their ornaments and one for Anna on the Horton Square Christmas tree. Jen compliments their marriage.

I'm thinking there's a reason for the Anna mentions today. #justsayin #days At least I hope so.

What was the point of having Kayla on the show for ten whole seconds? #days

Days' mayoral election page!


Go check it out. Days of Our Lives has a new area about the mayoral race between Abe Carver and E.J. DiMera. You can find it here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday's Bachelor #2 tweets

You can follow the Diva on twitter here. No live tweets on Wednesday. I have plans.

Brady and Madison have a talk. Daniel's shows up at Jen's. Jen's worried about Abby. He's there to take Jen out on a date. #days

Marlena shows up at John's cell. Poor guy can't get any peace. lol #days

Marlena gives John some food. Lucky for him, she didn't cook it. #days

Daniel takes Jen ice skating. Jen mentions that Hope is a pro skater. #days

Diva's random thought: does any woman really want 24 hour lipstick?

Loved the Mad episode last night. "Lost" island was the island of misfit toys. lol

I did waste another 2 hours on "Bag of Bones" last night. Lame

Brady gives Madison the snacks they munched on during the blizzard. #days

I like the snowflake light show by Brady. awwwwwwwww #days

Jen takes Jack's call during her date. Dan asks Jen about Jack's ptsd. #days Daniel's hands start shaking while untying a knot for Jen.

Heard "High n Dry" by Def Leppard on the radio today. Never heard that song on the radio ever. Gotta find that album in the house somewhere

Daniel bought tickets for Jen for the Nutcracker, Jack already got them. Jen's the ultimate nutcracker! lol #days

Madison and Brady start dancing. Couldn't care less about this couple. #days

Marlena might take a job a Salem U. I guess Salem U didn't get any budget cuts. #days

Marlena tells John she'll find a way to get him out of there. He questions what she is up to. #days

Daniel tells Jen he doesn't want to be Bachelor #2. Daniel tells Jen he's leaving her. #days

Brady goes to leave, Madison asks him to stay. #days

Marlena tells John she's starting her own investigation. John blows a fuse. #days

Daniel tells Jen that she loves Jack. #days

Brady and Madison do it in an actual bed. #days

Marlena feeds John strawberries and whipped cream. #days

Breaking up with Jen has to be the most mature thing Daniel has done since he's been in Salem. #days

Jen and Daniel part ways, for now. #days

SOW's for sale

You can find my ebay page here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's "crook in designer clothes" tweets


Live tweets. The Carvers visit Jen. Jen wants to play dirty with EJ's past, the Carvers don't agree.

EJole wake up in bed together. Ej says he loves her. #days

Madison tells Sami not to screw up a business deal. Madison walks into Brady's office. #days

Chris calls Kate to say he can't go into work because his bronzer made him orange. Well, he shouldn't have used Dan's bronzer then. #days

Jen calls EJ a "crook in designer clothes." #days

Sami chasing around the kids near Santa's chair. Kate watches Sami being overwhelmed. #days Kate offers to help with the kids.

Brady and Madison bickering. zzzzzzz #days

EJ gives a speech. #days

Sami accuses Kate of not being a good grandmother, but admits she never lets Kate see the kids. #days

The Carvers and Jen get the news that the children's luncheon wasn't postponed. EJ and some biz assoc. donate money. #days

Jen confronts Ejole. Sami agrees to have Kate watch the kids. The kids are overjoyed. Kate is warned about no sugar and gifts. #days

Kate makes the kids promise not to tell Sami that she is buying them hot chocolate and candy. lol #days

Jen calls EJ "a pathetic human being." #days

EJ's sitting in Santa's chair. Now that would make a great screencap. #days

Sami busts Kate giving the kids candy, cocoa, and toys. The kids love Grandma Kate. Sami thanks Kate. Sami says her meeting went well.

Kate tells Sami that Stefano wants to see the kids. Sami says no. Kate says she had to ask. #days

Brady and Madison bicker on whether or not she's a tease or crazy. lol I vote both. #days

EJ tells Nicole she went too far with getting Abe not to show up at the luncheon. #days

Jen wants Abe to reconsider fighting dirty with EJ. #days

Brady kisses Madison. Only Madison could make Brady so dull. #days

Lexie leaves the room to get a phone call, Abe tells Jen to do what she has to do to win the election. #days

Lexie comes back to the room to tell Abe she's proud that he's sticking to his principles. #days

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Diva's 65th blogtalkradio episode ready for playback!


The archive is ready for the Diva's 65th blogtalkradio show. Tonight, the Diva, Anna, Marianne and Madeline discussed the last week of the show. I was wondering, what is the Salem University mascot? We also invented a new Diva drinking game. Every time Anna mentions Kate, you have to take a drink!

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Ratings, Days stays in 4th


The ratings for all the soaps fell, but Days of Our Lives remains in 4th. You can read the entire breakdown at SON.

Days weekly preview clip


Days of Our Lives weekly preview clip featuring Daniel, Jack, & Jen.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Diva's 65th blogtalkradio episode!


Join us this Saturday at 10 pm est for our 65th blogtalkradio show.  This week, the Diva of Days of Our Lives and friends will discuss the last week of the show and the return of Bryan Dattilo.  We welcome all Bryan fans to call in with their screams of joy.  Everyone is welcome to join us in the chat room also.