Friday, October 21, 2011

Ratings, Days back in last place


You can read the entire ratings breakdown at SON.


  1. wHAT!! I thought Crystal was to blame for the bad ratings???? Ppl are bored spitless by Bope and the rest of the boring stories.

  2. Get over it! CC is irrelevant to the ratings and always has been.

  3. Then why was she being blamed for the poor ratings in the first place by the diva? Make up your mind. I tried to watch the damn show when CC came on. but they fucked up the stories so bad and made it so damned slow and boring i couldn't stand it. Then they got bope back together. {big ole yawn}

  4. That week's rating is just a blip. Also, bear in mind that the ratings for all of the remaining soaps see-saw week in and week out.

    As for Crystal Chapelle, she's an excellent actress and her recent exit from the show as well as some of the other fine actors who left the show really just amounts to an artistic change.

    Also, the storylines were interesting during Ms. Higley's tenure and I trust that the storylines will continue to be interesting under the new writing team's lead. These are just artistic changes which are normal for any series that has been on the air as long as Days of Our Lives has been.

    It is very discouraging to read all of these negative posts.

  5. Well Diva started it with her CC bashing. She don't like CC. We get it. I read the tweets looks like CC was just sticking up for herself. she wanted some attention to her board well she got it. Your welcome.