Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bring Back Tony & Anna shirts available!


By request, I made some Diva of DOOL/Bring back Tony & Anna shirts.

Ringer T shirt

Jr. Ringer T shirt

Women's Light T shirt

Shirts do come in various colors. If you would like me to custom make a shirt for you or your fanbase, let me know. Cafepress does have some Days of our Lives fanbase shirts including "EJ for Mayor", Bope, Carbo, etc. Again, this is not official DOOL merchandise.


  1. I want mine to say: Stay dead Tony, you nasty old pig !! I guess the History channel passed on his tired and late "Indiana Jones" wannabe reality show. LMAO !!!

  2. The troll is back. No, he is still working on his show.

  3. You need to wake up and smell the Nescafe, non deb. The show in thier not so subtle way was telling the Hoochies that Count Dracumiera is dead forever, when the stabbed him in the heart with a wooden steak. everybody knows that's how you get rid of a vampire once and for all. LMAO !!