Thursday, September 22, 2011

CC fans v Kristian Alfonso twitter war part 2


mollydollyy: I'm getting pummeled by #snoballs all over the place!!! ;-)!/mollydollyy/status/116878590175481856

KJAlfonso: @KAsuper1fan Yikes... CC's fans are after me again ; ) seriously what is she feeding them , don't they sleep !XO
KJAlfonso: @eelizhope ; ) all I can say is Yikes !
KJAlfonso: @eelizhope no but I wouldn't put anything past them!/KJAlfonso

Snoballs are those pink snack cakes. Crystal Chappell's fans are tweeting them to actors and members of the soap media. I received four of those tweets today. I don't like spam, and reported the person who did it. I don't believe this is a good way to campaign for CC to return to the show. It's annoying. Looks like Kristian is getting annoyed too. But it gets better...

KJAlfonso Kristian Alfonso
by DivaofDOOL
Yummy cupcakes thank you for sending the #snowballs ; )

KJAlfonso Kristian Alfonso
by DivaofDOOL
Love the cream sweet filling ,thank you again !!!!!!

This story is developing. I'm working on more stuff. Let's put it this way, some douchebags haven't learned their lesson! And before anyone thinks that Crystal didn't know about this snowball campaign, you can read this tweet.

Save Bo and Carly
SaveBoandCarly Save Bo and Carly
ATTENTION EVERYONE! We have some fun brewing for next week. Stay tuned for details. You won't want to miss what we have planned! WAHOOO! ;-)
15 Sep Favorite Retweet Reply
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Crystal Chappell
@crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
@SaveBoandCarly cant wait!


  1. massively sick of the whole thing and yes the sno'balls are annoying but not malicious and I don't think worth KA's commentary. She claims to not get down like that but I believe she "threw" the first negative tweet.

  2. I do think KA should have ignored the whole thing. But the CC fans could have not "snowballed" her with everyone else. She should have been totally kept out of their campaign. I only got 4 snowballs, I can't imagine how many she got.

  3. KA has been attacked by CC fans for 2 years. Don't blame her if she's had enough. Today she received 10 times as many #snowball tweets than any other cast member. She's got hundreds in her timeline, mainly about Carbo. And then there's all the nasty tweets directed spefically to her in amongst all those. If this was meant to try and get CC back on the show I think it will backfire bigtime. There are better and more constructive ways to get one's point across than spamming everyone's twitter feed with garbage. I thought it was hysterical when KA tweeted snowball pix. Shows what a great sense of humor she has.

  4. If the CC fans want to campaign to get Carbo back on Days, then they need to rethink their strategy. What on earth were they hoping to accomplish by "snoballing" KA, or anybody else for that matter? They must be in denial or enjoy fighting for a lost cause. Carbo don't stand a chance when they're up against Days' "money" couple.

  5. I applaud Kristian, she kept completely silent on the whole Nelson Branco rubbish when CC did not. Over the last two years, CC has many a time used bad judgment, anyone remember the disgusting Carbo fan tweets during the 45th anniversary party, CC retweeted one vile one during that time directed at KA, so please don't give me this whole KA should take the higher ground. She did, it didn't work. The Carbo fans came after her today, she got more than any other actor on the show & hers were deliberately directed AT her, not random. They were also quick to once again discuss her physical features, so if she's had enough and sends a photo of herself enjoying their cake, I applaud her. I thought it was hilarious. And perhaps now the Carbo fans will choose a better target since they know Kristian can stand up for herself and not take their crap anymore.

  6. "And before anyone thinks that Crystal didn't know about this snowball campaign, you can read this tweet."

    To be fair, Crystal knew the fans were planning something but she did not know the specifics. You conveniently ignored this more recent twitter exchange:

    @Juellz65 Juellz Pedroli
    @crystalchappell So do u know wht the big surprise was that @SaveBoandCarlyhad planned I was waiting for u to jump out of a box or something
    21 Sep via web

    crystalchappell Crystal Chappell
    @Juellz65 no idea....
    21 Sep

  7. Whether CC knew or not makes no difference to me. She has created all of this. She engages her fans and encourages acts of hate and bullying and then says "Love is Louder". It sickens me. She is a nasty bitter woman and her fans are exactly the same. They are bullies who use phrases like Love is Louder or Spreading the Love after they have spread a whole heap of hate.

  8. I've watched soaps for over 40 years and have never witnessed such obnoxious behavior by an actress and her fans. And her fans have bullied people on every possible forum available if someone didn't agree that she was a "goddess" and the world's greatest actress. If that's the case, why does CC and her fans have to tweet Days 24/7 begging them to take her back. CC needs to get over herself. On the bright side, these latest antics guaranteed she will NEVER be asked back to Days.

  9. Just wish the whole situation would be over. Even as a fan of CC it's as if some of the fans have taken on the fight of their life to defend CC's right to be back on DOOL and continue CARBO at anybody's expense!! I believe a disservice was done to the Carly's character in bringing her back and the whole story-line mess, but so has this happened to many other actors; and so many are out of jobs just like CC. It seems like they won't be letting up anytime soon. It will be interesting to see what happens with NBC and DOOL ratings in the next few months. Who will win out...NBC or CC fans.

  10. A douche bag free zone, eh? Might wanna change your tagline.

    Um, this is the part I find absolutely hilarious. WHERE in the #snoballed tweets did ANY of you see "WE WANT CRYSTAL BACK ON DAYS?" That's right, nowhere. All of those sno'ball tweets had in them were positive statements about Carly, Carbo or Crystal followed by the support for said statement.

    Look at KA's first tweet. It implies that Crystal actively encourages her fanbase to "attack" her, which could not be further from the truth. Then KA proceeded to tweet more about Crystal's fanbase and fueled the fire she started throughout the day. If that kind of unprofessional and juvenile behavior is what she does on Twitter, I cannot imagine the crap she pulls behind the scenes. So WHY in the world would any of her fans want her back on DAYS and dealing that garbage on a daily basis?

    The character of Carly and the coupling of Carbo will be missed by this 1990s Carly, but I wouldn't wish Crystal back on days for the world. The whole #snoballed day was supposed to be a thank you to Crystal for portraying our favorite and an homage to that character and the pairing, but instead, for many it was turned into a day about KA brought on by her own pathetic antics. Perhaps the best thing about it was that her true colors came shining through.

  11. DOOL is not going to bring back CC. Get over it. Move on.

    CC had a similar diva attitude back in the 90s. You can't blame KA for the way CC acts. Good riddance.

    BTW, CC is still tweeting to Nelson Branco. So much for "love is louder."

  12. CC is full of it. "love is louder" "spreading the love" "onward" do not have any meaning anymore, she spouts them so often without EVER backing them up.
    So KA got a little snarky in comments and photos. Good for her! I don't know how she lasted that long without saying anything. CC's devoted fans often include KA's twitter name in their hate filled twitter conversations. Karma got them this time.
    I as a DOOL fan was hoping that I had seen the last of CC and her fanbase but unfortunately I forgot how entitled they feel they are. #onwardmyfoot