Thursday, August 4, 2011

DOOL ratings up, but still in 6th


Days of our Lives was one of the few soaps that gained viewers over the previous week, but remained in last place.  You can read all the details at SON.


  1. It still is 1.7, so I do not see how it is something to be proud. The ratings still are beyond pathetic, were ATWT's or GL's ratings even that low? DAYS' new regime better do more than promise and actually fix things. Other than the Sonny and Victor/Maggie storylines, I see no story that is making folks happy, and most are ticking people off, Dannifer, Taylor, and Melanie.

  2. I agree, Victor and Maggie are bright lights on this show right now. showing that even if you 60+/70+ love and passion does not go away. As well, the charcater of Sonny is good, he has interacted with many different peopple of salem, his parents, great-uncle, cousins and the teen set as well. not thrown in as a certain red headed nurse in every storyline and thought of as God's gift to the men of Salem