Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ratings, DOOL in last place again


You can read the gory details here.


  1. Well, see we are to believe because he replanted her heart and they were divorced the same day that that means Jennifer and Dan are twu wuv. That Chloe being forced into prostitution by Quinn also is a set up for twu wuv. Carly a drug addict no for all the stuff she went through throughout her life but because the porn star doctor who screws his female patients. The never ending obsession with GG. Taylor.

    TPTB are lucky it has not fallen even farther. I guess the fact that fans are holding on to hope that the new HWs and Ex. Prods. are going to save things, and that Matthew, Dee and Drake will return to big stories; plus that there are chances of other fan favs will be also returning.

  2. Great post, CalAggie87! Well said!