Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lisa Rinna's twitter rant about Alison Sweeney


You can figure it out for yourself:

lisarinna lisa rinna
I am NOT apart of this new "Hollywood Moms club" on the tv guide network. Ali and Ali sold the concept without us and we r now finding out.

lisarinna lisa rinna
They went out and sold the show with out any of us knowing. We are just finding out about it now. WOW.

lisarinna lisa rinna
Just when you think you know people. This business is something isn't it?!

lisarinna lisa rinna
RT This is not cool @Lisa2LA: @lisarinna - Here is the Hollywood Reporter article 'Hollywood Moms'- -SMH

lisarinna lisa rinna
Hey its all good- I just spoke with my new agent @billybush he's working on a lot of new gigs. Lol!

lisarinna lisa rinna
Its never good when people are sneaky and go behind your back especially friends. Then you see it in the press! Yuk!

summie0420 Summer
@lisarinna you are going behind your friends back on Twitter. Hello???

lisarinna lisa rinna
@summie0420 I've talked to them all.

lisarinna lisa rinna
I let the girls- Ali and Ali know my feelings I was very honest with them. Just vent tweets I guess- ok I'm done now.

lisarinna lisa rinna
Its all good. I shouldn't vent on twitter but I'm human. :)

lisarinna lisa rinna
I can't help it even if I'm mad I I always try and find the positive in every situation.

lisarinna lisa rinna
My momma taught me well.

lisarinna lisa rinna
Ali_sweeney I send you praise and blessings- Thank You for the apology I so appreciate your honesty! Thank you!!

lisarinna lisa rinna

Diva's 48th blogtalkradio show ready for playback!


Great show tonight. Topics included: Dr. Feelgood, Quinn, Vivian, Chad, Dannifer, Louise Sorel's blog, Nadia Bjorlin's movie, Alison Sweeney's reality show, Dirty Soap reality show, Lisa Rinna's twitter smackdown of Alison Sweeney, and whether or not appearing on a reality show ruins a marriage. Thanks to everyone who came to the chat room.

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DOOL extra leaks plot


Not sure what he was thinking, but this actor leaked part of a Days of our Lives script that implies that EJ is running for mayor against Abe.

Fox LA on the DOOL set


Here's a clip of FoxLA on the Days of our Lives set with Nate Berkus, Alison Sweeney, Eric Martsolf, Sarah Brown and Lauren Koslow.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Diva's 48th blogtalkradio episode


Come join us this Saturday at 10 pm est for our 48th blogtalkradio episode. We will be discussing the last two weeks of Days of our Lives.  Feel free to call in or join us in our chat room.

Friday, July 22, 2011



Days of our Lives in 5th, but increased viewers.  You can read all the info at SON.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Diva's episode 47 ready for playback!


Thanks to Penny for calling in to discuss Stars for Schools contest to meet James Scott and Joe Mascolo.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bryan Dattilo got married!


Bryan and Liz Dattilo were married this week. Congrats!



Days of our Lives in 5th place. Ouch.

Diva's 47th episode with special guest!


Join us this Saturday at 10 pm est for our blogtalkradio show.  We will be joined by Penny who is promoting Classwish and Stars for Schools program.  They are currently running a contest to meet Joe Mascolo and James Scott.  You can find out more information about the program here. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Matt Ashford finally spotted on set!


On twitter:

heyjude14 Judie Henninger
@Valvoline8 just saw Matt on the studio...first air around 9/26

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Deidre Hall Returns to Days

Deidre Hall appearing on TV GUIDE tonight has announced her official return to Days of Our Lives. She said "People coming, people going, familiar faces coming back and you will be very happy to see them again." Are we really surprised people? LOL! Deidre will be onscreen on September 26th.

So where is Drake? EDIT: SOD confirmed Drake's return too.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diva's 46th blogtalkradio show


Sorry for the last notice, there will be a show tonight hosted by Anna and Marianne. Call in to chat with the girls at 914.338.1239 or join us in the chat room.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon returns confirmed!


According to TV Guide, Christie Clark (Carrie Reed) and Patrick Muldoon, the original Austin Reed, will begin filming next week!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's "Lola" tweets


Today's episode finally saw some movement on the Rafe front. But you have to suffer through Chloe and EJaylor.

Nicole spies on Rafe at the pier o'death. Stefano questions Johnny about Rafe picking him up from school.

Bope tries to calm down Sami at her place. Stefano talks to Johnny about "stranger danger". lmfao!

Sami calls EJ to talk to Johnny. Sami asks Johnny if he can keep a secret.

Taylor calls EJ on his cell for a booty call. lol

Sami asks Johnny if Kate, Chad, or Taylor is there.

Kate finds Quinn at a bar. Kate's not happy that he has no proof of Chloe being a bad mother.

Chloe looks at a pic of herself with Parker at the Brady Pub. Justin and Sonny walk in after a basketball game.

They still have pallets at the pier o death after Tony's accident? #classactionlawsuit

I was right. Total booty call by Taylor. lol EJ finds her waiting for him in a slip.

Watched some of B&B today. Just once I want to see Brooke and Taylor tell Ridge "NO" when he does a rebound proposal.

Quinn "everyone says what a talented performer she (Chloe) is." Kate: "You obviously never seen her on stage." lol

Johnny tells Sami that EJ left. Sami asks to talk to Stefano. Sami wants to pick up Johnny. Stefano says no, hangs up on her.

Justin tells Chloe to get a real home, not a hotel room. Justin offers Victor's guest house. Chloe leaves, runs into Quinn.

Quinn wants Chloe to completely satisfy her next client. EJ finishes completely satisfying Taylor.

Stefano reads to Johnny. Stefano tells Johnny on how he had to teach EJ a lesson while laughing his ass off.

Rafe interrogates Rafe2 again while Nicole is outside the door. I keep wondering where Rafe 2 uses the bathroom. #adultdiapers

Sami learns from Bope about EJaylor. Her jaw literally hits the floor.

EJaylor strolls into the DiMansion. Stefano wants to chat with her. #uhoh

Rafe leaves without doing whatever it was he was supposed to do with Rafe2. Nicole crawls out of hiding.

Stefano congratulates Taylor on her engagement. wtf?

EJ's not happy with Stefano's sarcasm about his engagement. EJ demands Stefano respect Taylor. Stefano calls himself "cranky." lol

Nicole easily opens the door and sees Rafe2.

Stefano tells Taylor she has to prepare for drama and passion. Yeah, pretty sure she just experienced the passion part.

Chloe agrees to being a prostitute as long as it is not an all nighter. lmfao I'm not making this up.

Bope and Safe show up at the pier o death. Sami comes up with a plan to have Rafe2 turn in Rafe.

Nicole is drunk. Rafe2 is gagged. Rafe2 tries to tell Nicole there are 2 Rafes. "Twins?" says Nicole. lol

Chloe tells Parker's picture that she's whoring herself for him. Her client, Randy, shows up to meet "Lola." Lo Lo Lo Lo-La

Johnny bonds with his newest to-be stepmother. Rafe doesn't want to do Sami's plan.

Nicole's not happy that there's two Rafes. Join the club, honey.

Rafe2 convinces Nicole to let him go. Nicole tells him that the DiMeras think Rafe2 beat up EJ.

Taylor takes Johnny to bed. Stefano overhears and tells EJ how fortunate it is that Johnny likes her.

Nicole passes out. Rafe2 tells her she needs to get her act together. lmfao

Kate quizzes Randy about whether or not he was satisfied. Chloe gets dressed. I actually like the hotel room design.

Quinn calls Chloe. She wants her money.

Taylor offers to cook. Rafe walks into the DiMansion. He wants a raise. Rafe2 walks in too. Show's over.

For your viewing pleasure, The Kinks' "Lola."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tom Casiello interview ready for playback!


We knew Tom was going to be a hilarious guest, and he didn't disappoint. We love interviewing writers. Tom's a true soaps fan. Sit back and enjoy one of our funniest interviews ever.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011 interviews about July 4th eppy


If you didn't see the July 4th episode of Days of our Lives, I highly recommend it. It was hilarious. Read what some of the actors had to say about that show.

My thoughts, Josh Taylor is so funny. Glad he actually had some real lines in this episode. Loved James Scott trying to act like an American man. It was cute to have both Johnny DiMera twins in a scene for the Social Network spoof. The kids in all the scenes did well.

What was your favorite scene from Monday's episode?

Win a chance to meet James Scott and Joe Mascolo


The contest is being run by

Stars for Schools helps bring awareness to the 56 million kids and their teachers who need more than a barren classroom to survive. They need school supplies. That’s where ClassWish comes in. ClassWish helps get kids the tools they need to thrive. Days of Our Lives has generously agreed to participate with their two top stars: Joe Mascolo and James Scott. Soap Opera Digest has offered a page in their magazine to showcase the winner!

The prize: A lucky Days fan will fly to LA, get a VIP tour of the Days studio, then go onto the set, meet Stefano and EJ, have their picture taken with them, and then appear together with them full-page in Soap Opera Digest.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diva interviews Tom Casiello!


This Wednesday, July 6th at 10 pm est we will interview three time Emmy winner, writer Tom Casiello. Tom last month won his third Emmy for writing for The Young and the Restless. Tom has also written for Days of our Lives, One Life to Live, and As the World Turns. Currently Tom is writing for WWE.

You can follow Tom on Twitter.

Diva's 45th podcast ready for playback


The Diva's 45th blogtalkradio show is ready for playback. Happy 4th everyone!

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