Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thoughts on Monday's eppy

Yes, I actually did watch.

Vivian and Quinn discuss their relationship. Vivian tells Quinn that her instinct tells her not to trust him. Viv and Gus have a funny discussion about Quinn's businesses. Vivian's proud of his underworld activities. Gus tells her Quinn has an agency full of beautiful girls. Vivian's mortified that Quinn is an "agent." lol

Nicole drinks herself into a stupor at the closed Brady Pub. Maggie comforts her. Maggie assumes Nicole is drinking over Brady, Nicole reveals she's drinking over Sydney. Nicole tells Maggie that EJ used her to get revenge on Sami.

Sami falls down the stairs at the DiMansion, and survives without a scratch! Rafe2 hallucinates that Sami is Fay, and confesses to killing her. Taylor overhears his confession. Hope and Sami try to get Taylor to give them some time to sort it all out without telling her the whole truth. Taylor later shows up at Sami's threatening to tell Nicole that Rafe killed Fay. Sami asks her not to tell Nicole.

Meanwhile, Kate shows up outside the DiMansion and is stopped by the real Rafe. Rafe tries to proposition Kate to prevent her from going inside. Kate gets a call from Quinn. Kate tells Rafe that she's going to tell Stefano about his proposition. Quinn tells Kate that he successfully got Chloe in bed with a john, and gives her the room number. Kate goes to the hotel room to look for incriminating evidence. Later, Kate sees Quinn and Vivian talking.

Chloe drugged the john before she had to perform. Quinn calls her and wants to talk to the john who is asleep. The john later wakes up and wants round 2 with Chloe. She leaves saying she has another client. Chloe shows up at Chez Rouge to sign papers from Justin that say that she's been a good girl lately. She hugs Justin when he says she'll be clear to see Parker soon. The john walks in, and asks if Justin was Chloe's next client.

Adrienne and Abby have a talk about Chad at the Cheatin Heart. Chad walks in. Kate talked to Chad earlier at the pier when she saw him with papers from Stefano. Kate tells Chad that his mother worked "within the gray" to get through college while being a prostitute. Chad tells her he doesn't want to work "within the gray."

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