Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday's "sick and vindictive" tweets


Another amazing acting performances by Arianne Zucker and Alison Sweeney.

Caroline gets Sami some tea with "herbs" in it. Just kidding.

Sami's blaming herself for Rafe's accident and for walking away from him. Sami tells Caroline about r2d2's affair.

Sami really looks like she's been crying for days. The real Rafe wakes up, and his fever is going down. The nun is pretty.

r2d2 checks that he has all his stuff. He throws his wedding ring in the sink. Doesn't he know how much gold has appreciated? #dumb

Taylor prays to God for Nicole to be happy, but really she's praying for "all of us" to be happy. *rolls eyes*

EJ asks for a divorce. He is blaming it on her. #typicalmale

EJ is worried that they are showing a bad example for the kids with a loveless marriage. But sleeping w your sil is a good moral example.

Nicole likes things just the way you are. He brings up Brady. Nicole reminds him that she loves him. He denies she loves him.

EJ promises full visitation 4 Nicole 2 see Sydney. She asks about Johnny. He said she can see him too. Nicole asks about his feelings 4 her.

Nicole tells EJ only cares about himself. She starts roughing him around, and slapping him. #gonicole

Sami tells Caroline that she doesn't know if she wants to go on without r2d2. He's trashing their apartment.

Stefano gives Theo a big hug at the hospital with the Carvers there. The nun said that Rafe said the name "Ted" in his sleep.

Taylor is eavesdropping on EJole, then leaves. Nicole says she's confused. Nicole is trying to get him to confess to wanting Taylor.

Nicole asks EJ if there's another woman.

Sami says she may never love again. rotflmaopimp How many weddings has she had?

Taylor reunites with Theo. Theo leaves for his speech session. She tells Lexie that EJ is asking Nicole for a divorce.

EJ is denying being with another woman. Nicole says she knows who it is. She says it's Sami. He starts laughing.

Nicole reminds EJ that he forced her 2 break up w Brady. He thinks Brady will take her back. She said he won't because she screwed him over

Nicole hints around that she might know something that is going on in the house. She hands him the Rafe/DNA test. #awesome

r2d2 meets Stefano at the pier. He lost his atm card. He wants more $ from Stefano. Stefano pays up, orders new bank card.

EJ looks ill reading the DNA results. bruahahahahaha! #teamnicole

Caroline tells Sami to learn to be alright without a man. Even Sami doubts she can do that.

Sami's phone rings. r2d2's bank card falls out. Lexie thinks EJole need to split up. She endorses the EFailure relationship.

Nicole starts to call Sami about Rafe being held prisoner in the DiDungeon.

r2d2 is back at the Safe apartment looking for the bank card again. Caroline tells Sami to find time for closure.

omg Taylor thinks Nicole will be happy for her. Lexie gives her a wtf look.

EJ calls Nicole "sick and vindictive." #potmeetkettle Who had a lookalike of his ex wife's husband?

r2d2 figures out Sami has his bank card. Sami's at the pier bench w her key. The nun gives Rafe a rosary from the Convent of the Holy Cross

Nicole asks Taylor to join them. Nicole tells her that she has an announcement to make. Show's over. Thanks for reading.


  1. Please stop referring to the guy pretending to be Rafe as r2d2. It's a lame joke to begin with and you ran it into the ground weeks ago.

  2. Then don't read my tweets then.