Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday's a doll named Maggie tweets


It's nice to see Hope finally interact with the Horton family. Yesterday it was Jennifer, and today it was Maggie. Here's today's tweets:

Apparently Brady is not fond of hospital board meetings. Troy is still in the hospital. Mel's in the room too.

Hope and Ciara help Maggie at her house. Maggie is donating Mickey's clothes. Quinn eavesdrops on Chloe talking to Justin about custody.

Nicole asks herself why Taylor went back to the mansion. Lexie wants to talk to Nic. She tells her she knows about the blackmail on EJ.

Taylor wants to know what Nicole has on EJ.

Troy has been declared a vegetable, and will be put into hospice care. Mel is upset that she will never know why Troy attacked her.

Lexie warns Nicole that everything will blow up in her face. Taylor is upset that EJ lied instead of telling the truth, and tries to leave.

Maggie tells Hope that Mickey would want her to be happy. Hope wants to know if Maggie is ready for love again.

Maggie thinks she'll never love again. Victor shows up at the hospital. He wants the board transcripts from Melanie.

Victor tells Melanie that Chloe moved out. Justin wants to try to get Chloe supervised partial custody of Parker.

Quinn overhears most of Chloe's troubled past. Justin wants her to continue therapy and take her meds. Justin leaves.

Lexie tells Nicole that things could go wrong and she might lose Sydney. Lexie's making sense. Taylor asks again what does Nicole know.

Hope finds out that Maggie has the hots for Victor. lol Wow is she out of the loop! Magic has been going on for over a year now.

Brady offers Victor a chunk of Titan for some information. EJ is about to confess when Nicole comes home.

Hope wants to know if Magic is serious. Ciara wants to know if Maggie will help Victor give away his old clothes.

Brady wants to know who Victor sold his drug dealing business to.

Melanie shows up at Maggie's. Hope and Ciara mysteriously disappeared.

Taylor leaves.

After hearing Chloe's history, why the hell would Quinn or any other guy be interested in her?

Quinn wants to ask Chloe out on a date. Seriously, that never happens after a one night stand. #comeon

Melanie and Maggie hug it out. Victor sells out EJ to get some control of Titan. He tells Brady that EJ bought his drug dealing business.

Nicole asks what EJaylor were talking about. Ej tells Nic that Taylor knows about the blackmail.

Chloe agrees to go out with Quinn and start fresh. Mel tells Maggie that Victor tipped her off about Chloe moving out.

Hope and Ciara are at the K-Mansion when Victor arrives. Vic gives Ciara a doll, she names it Maggie.

Nicole isn't happy that EJ discussed their marriage with Taylor. EJ tells Nicole she would go down with him for blackmail.

Brady tells Taylor that EJ killed the woman he loved.

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