Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's "Rafe Hernandez is an idiot." tweets


Stefano wants EJ to postpone asking for a divorce. EJ is already talking about marrying Taylor. gmafb

Nicole tells Taylor that she can't talk about it at the Cheatin Heart. Rafe conveniently shows up in a bed.

Brady offers Melanie a drink at the Cheatin Heart. He gets a call. Dario waits on Mel. Brady walks in. Nicole and Taylor at the pier.

Another EFailure kiss flashback for Nicole. Taylor wants her to tell her what is going on. Nicole said, "it's EJ."

EJ wants a real family with a woman he actually loves. Stefano tells him he will suffer for the rest of us life.

r2d2 starts fingering a knife when Sami says that he's not Rafe.

Ok. We learned Dario got laid off at the docks minutes after he was hired. Man, the economy must suck in Salem.

Melanie apologizes for bringing Brady to the Cheatin Heart to Dario. She wouldn't have come if she knew he worked there. Neither would I.

Taylor wants to know if Nicole still loves EJ. Nicole says EJ will never love anyone. EJ says that Nicole will still see the kids.

lmfao Stefano said that Taylor leads EJ around by his zipper.

Marco calls Stefano. He tells Stefano that Troy is showing signs of life. He throws EJ's business relationship with Troy in his face.

r2d2 has his knife. He smirks while Sami cries.

Rafe sees a nun.

Nicole tells Taylor that EJ says one thing, then does another. Man, Taylor is so getting played.

omg. r2d2 is pulling the Ross Geller "we were on a break" excuse. Sami's not buying it either. Sami mentions the J&M conference room sex

Rafe refuses to see a doctor for his fever. Whatever.

Brady and Dario chat at the bar. Brady offers Dario help. Dario wants to part ways with him. Melanie sticks up for Brady. zzzzzzzz

Taylor goes back to the DiMansion. She tells EJ that Nicole said that her marriage was in trouble. Nicole sees Sydney at the Pub.

Sami refuses to have sex with r2d2. Tells him that she fakes it with him in bed.

Sami says she was thinking of someone else when she has sex with r2d2. I wonder who that was?

r2d2 asks Sami to take it back. She said she faked it every time. He throws her sexual past in her face. Sami said she never faked it w EJ

r2d2 calls Sami a bitch. She tries to slap him. He catches her arm. Dario apologizes to Brady and Melanie. They leave.

Taylor repeats what Nicole said about EJ to him. EJ reassures Taylor that his marriage ending is best for everyone.

Nicole leaves Sydney and Mary. Sami said Rafe used to be perfect for her. r2d2 blames her failed relationships on her need for attention.

Sami takes her purse and leaves. r2d2 says, "checkmate." Rafe tries to leave the nun. He doesn't buy she's a nun.

Dario hands Melanie her coat. She kisses him...in his daydream. Melanie and Brady end up at the pier.

Melanie says that Brady is the only one she feels safe with. They cuddle on the pier bench.

Caroline! She hugs Sami at the Pub. The kids are upstairs with Mary. Sami tells Caroline that Safe2 is over. Another hug.

The nun thinks whatever happened to Rafe wasn't his fault. The nun figures out Rafe is Catholic. She offers to pray for him.

I just told my sons that r2d2 is still on the show as of July. They are shocked. My little one said he should have died a long time ago.

Taylor tells EJ she doesn't want to be with him because Nicole hasn't told EJ yet that things aren't working out.

Nicole shows up at the DiMansion after EJ keeps pimping Bricole.

Taylor disappears. EJ repeats to Nicole what Taylor said Nicole said. Something like that. EJ mentions divorce.

Stefano calls r2d2 and tells him to finish the job and leave Salem. r2d2 tells him that it's done.

Caroline tells Sami that "Rafe Hernandez is an idiot." Sami has real Rafe flashbacks. Rafe looks at the key again.

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