Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday's Justin needs a real office tweets


Chloe wants Quinn to leave her alone. He wants another chance. Daniel walks in. Asks her if everything is ok.

Jenn's on the phone discussing her hike/picnic plans with Daniel with Hope. Justin gives Jenn her divorce papers at the Pub.

Jack never signed the divorce papers, but the divorce is final. Seriously Jenn, get a clue.

Abe asked Taylor why she moved out of the DiMansion at the hospital. She says she doesn't belong there anymore.

Nicole tries to serve EJ breakfast in their bedroom, he slams it against the wall. She's not happy.

Rafe wants to know if Sami slept with r2d2.

Jenn shows Hope her divorce papers and cries. Quinn introduces himself to Dan. Chloe asks Dan to leave.

Quinn tells Chloe he has something important to tell her. Sami admits to sleeping with R2.

Jenn can't stop thinking about where Jack is and when she will see him again. Yeah, that's what we are thinking too.

Nicole wants to know what they are going to tell Mary about the scrambled eggs in the wall. EJ tells her to clean it up herself.

Nicole tells EJ she is going to watch him from now on. Quinn wants to know why Chloe was with him the night before.

Quinn wants to help Chloe. Nicole tells EJ she won't let him turn the kids against her and brings up Rafe.

Jennifer tells Dan about her divorce. EJ says Nicole can only get what she wants because of blackmail. Taylor overhears.

Sami says she knew something was wrong with r2 in bed. But she blamed herself because of Rafe's car accident.

Rafe claims he would have known if Sami was replaced even though he didn't know who she was the day before.

on the phone, sorry.

Hope asks Daniel how he's doing. He says he's worried about Chloe. Chloe sees Justin at the Cheatin Heart.

Justin tells Chloe he has had a change of heart. Abe tells Nicole that Taylor went back to the mansion to get her stuff.

Taylor tells EJ that she knows that breaking up with her wasn't his idea. Sami feels guilty and disloyal for sleeping with r2.

Jenn shows up at Daniel's. Quinn listens in on Justin and Chloe's conversation. That's why Justin needs an office, and not a bar to do work.

Nicole asks when Taylor went back to the mansion. Taylor wants EJ to tell the truth. She wants to know what Nicole knows.

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