Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's driving the girls crazy tweets


Would someone please drop a house on Gary Tomlin? Seriously, we need 2 ex Passions writers to fuck with DOOL? #fail

Jenn and Dan brag about how awesome their date we didn't see was. Dannifer kiss again. Mel tells Maggie that Victor told her to come over.

Justin overhears Victor wheeling and dealing for Titan. I think Justin's been on this show almost ever day this week. woohoo!

Johnny wants to see Rafe. Brady won't let Taylor leave. He wants her to let it go what he said about EJ. She won't.

Dario talks on the phone about owning money. Maybe he can have a one night stand with Quinn and be left money. lol

Victor is not happy with Justin interrogating him. Victor starts preaching about love. Who is this guy & what happened to the real Victor?

EJ bores Johnny to death by giving him a long story about why Rafe is gone. Johnny wants to know if he's gone forever.

Brady tells Taylor about his twu wuv of Ari and her demise. And how EJ is the biggest drug dealer kingpin in Salem.

Mel's back at the bar again to harass Dario. Maggie visits Victor and thanks him for sending Mel to her.

Victor tells Maggie he's back at Titan. She congratulates him. Maggie tells Victor she adores him. awwwwwwwwww

Brady won't tell Taylor that Victor was his source about the info that EJ bought the drug business from him.

Johnny wants to know if Safe is divorcing. Johnny's afraid that EJ will leave him too.

Jennifer runs into "Scott Albright" a classmate. She introduces him to Daniel. Scott's divorced, so is she. He wants to do coffee w her.

Gabi spies on Mel/Dario. Why? I don't even want to watch.

Johnny doesn't want to wear the FBI jacket that Rafe gave him.

Jenn things that Daniel is touchy about another man talking to her because of Chloe cheating on him....

....but it's ok when Daniel is the one breaking up a marriage!

Mel bashes Dario to Abby and says Adrienne made a mistake hiring him.

Taylor wants Brady to go to the police with his EJ info. That's not how they do things in Salem! lol

With Higley the Hack gone, can we bring back @AntonyDiMera , Anna, and Lucas back now?

Daniel admits to being jealous. Wait until Jack gets back! lol

Gabi tells Dario he always drives girls he likes crazy. So does he like me then too?

Some ugly looking dude named Mike is pounding on Dario's door looking for him. I guess Dario drove him crazy too.

I don't get why Nicole and Taylor would want EJ over Brady. Brady's a catch. #cometothedivababy

The way Maggie describes Victor, I think I'm falling for him. *sigh*

Taylor comes knocking asking EJ about drug dealing and Ari's death.

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  1. Have to laugh that they did not bother the to show Doc Perv and PodJennifer on a date I guess even they realize it is boring and contrived. Wonder, though, about the jealousy remark. How is that possible? Makes one wonder if Doc Perv will not get clingy and controlling.