Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday's "worst first date ever" tweets


The nun tells r2d2 that Rafe was just there with a key to some apartment. Sami has flashbacks of being pregnant with Sydney.

Rafe overhears Sami crying in their safehouse apartment. He opens the door and sees her. She asks wth is he doing there?

Carly tries to open a drug sample right there in front of everyone. Melanie startles her. Jenn can't breathe because of Dan's dinner.

Chloe accepts a drink from a stranger at the Cheatin Heart. EJ looks at a pic of Nicole and Taylor. Nicole tells EJ that Taylor is gone.

Taylor makes a call from the Pub to get a bus out of town. Rafe doesn't know Sami's name. Rafe tells her he doesn't know who he is.

Lexie finds Taylor at the Pub. Taylor doesn't want to talk to her and leaves. Melanie accuses Carly of being jealous of Jennifer.

Melanie tells Carly that she wanted her parents to reunite.

Daniel gives Jennifer an injection. It's a lot easier to molest her if she's sedated.

Daniel carries Jennifer out of his apartment. Rafe asks Sami to help him remember his past. Rafe tells her he remembers the apartment.

Abby and Melanie met. Abby thanks Melanie for helping save her mom. They discuss their parents' date. Dan shows up with Jenn.

Chloe successfully guesses that the stranger is trying to get her drunk. Sami tells Rafe they fell in love in the apartment.

Sami tells Rafe her name. Rafe asks what his name is. He finds r2d2's bank card. Sami still doesn't believe him. He learns his name is Rafe

r2d2 asks the nun where the apartment is. The nun asks why he's wearing different clothes and is missing his bruises and scrapes.

Jenn's better. Jenn's shocked to see her blotchy face. They have some cute banter while Carly overhears. Chez Rouge for them next week.

Sami packs up her purse to leave. Sami refuses to believe him. Sami brings up the accident, he doesn't remember.

Rafe tells Sami that he was locked up by someone. Rafe wants to take her to the convent. r2d2 pretends that he and Rafe are brothers.

r2d2 prevents the nun from calling the police.

Chloe refuses to tell Quinn her name, and kisses him. Yeah, I think that puts you in the slut category. #ewww

Abby grabs Maxine to get the news. Abby thinks Jenn had her reaction due to guilt than allergies. Abby blames Jack.

Wow Jack Deveraux must have superhuman powers if he can give someone an allergic reaction from half the world away.

Rafe tells Sami this all happened to him over months, not hours. He still wants to take her to the convent.

Lexie wants to know why everything is suddenly ok with EJole. Nicole blames EJ for Taylor leaving. Another EFailure kissing flashback.

Sami notices Rafe's different clothes and bruises. Rafe tells Sami he wants to make her feel better because she's sad.

Chloe discovers that Quinn is gone. He left her an envelope with a note and some cash. Dan declares their date "the worst first date ever."

Rafe shows Sami the key. Sami says that Rafe knows why she was crying. He asks if it was him. He apologizes.

Abby tells Melanie that Jack is the blame for Jenn's allergic reaction. Abby thinks Dan put the moves on Jenn, freaking her out. wtf?

Melanie tells Abby that Daniel would never put the moves on any woman. lmfao

Melanie tells Abby to shut her mouth about Mel's dad. Dan asks permission for a kiss from Jenn. They kiss. She really lays one on him.

Sami tells Rafe he cheated on her. Sami tells him she can't trust him. She opens the door and finds r2d2. Show's over.

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