Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday's Wile E Coyote tweets


Pretty decent episode. Of course I say that about every Vivian episode. lol

Justin and Adrienne at the Cheatin Heart. Chloe wants to talk to Justin. Justin swindles Chloe out of a $1 to keep something confidential.

Melanie covers up when Daniel comes home. He asks how Dario got his babe magnet futon up the stairs. #nosexonthefuton

Mel and Dario meet in the hallway. Vivian says Stefano keeping prisoners is in the basement is very inspirational. Love Vivian!

Gus tells Vivian that maybe Stefano keeps Kate around because he loves her. Stefano finds out that r2d2 didn't access his bank card.

Kate walks in on Stefano talking to himself. She guesses something is wrong. Rafe peeps at Sami putting her shirt on. She catches him.

Vivian accuses Gus of being jealous of her plan to seduce Stefano. She says she is not going to seduce him but outsmart him.

Sami is convinced that Rafe will get his memory back quickly. Mel tells Abby at the hospital that Dario is a jerk, Dan says Dario likes Mel.

Chloe tells Justin about her Parker nightmare. She wants Justin to find out if Parker is ok.

Kate decides not to ask what is wrong with Stefano. She leaves for a meeting. Stefano calls a flunkie to discuss Rafe.

Dario goes to work. Adrienne spies on Justin and Chloe. Justin refuses to help Chloe find out how Parker is doing.

Adrienne takes Justin to go see their accountant. Apparently getting remarried is complicated. lol

Vivian shows up at the DiMansion. Stefano isn't happy to see her. She says she has an offer he can't refuse.

Daniel asks Mel why she doesn't like Dario. Apparently he forgot Dario accused Mel of golddigging against Daniel.

Kinsey kisses Chloe's butt. Chloe leaves the bar. Kinsey bashes her. Quinn shows up. Chloe asks why he left her money.

Chloe's "not that kind of person." No she's the type who has sex with a guy without giving her name first.

Kinsey tries to buy a drink underage. Dario won't do it. Kinsey leaves her purse. Melanie catches him going through the purse.

Rafe2 starts banging around. Vivian offers knowledge to Stefano to bring down Titan.

Vivian tells Stefano that Titan invested in risky investments. Viv wanted to back them until Brady took over Titan.

Kate walks in on Vivian and Stefano toasting. Adrienne asks Justin why he won't update Chloe on Parker's well being.

Justin calls Philip a "world class jerk." Chloe walks in on Justin and Adrienne. They ask if she's ok.

Rafe ungags his doppelganger. Rafe gives Sami the gun, and he pretends to leave the apartment. Sami threatens to shoot r2d2.

Sami tells r2 that Rafe is getting his memory back. Sami wants to know his name. r2 tells Sami that EJ and Stefano schooled him on her.

omg Sami tells r2 that he's the type that kicks puppies. lmfao

r2 said his job wasn't so bad when she wasn't acting like a total bitch. lol

Quinn is following Chloe who is putting up posters for singing coach jobs. Quinn wants to make it up to her for insulting her.

Kate calls Vivian "an old crone sucking up to my husband." Viv leaves. Kate wants to know if Stefano accepted Vivian's proposal.

r2 rubs it in to Rafe that he had sex with Sami. And he lies and says that he's better in bed than Rafe. lol

Stefano says he's amused by Vivian. Kate does not want her around. Viv brags to Gus that she's planting seeds of doubt with Kate.

Gus calls Vivian "Wile E. Coyote." lol

Melanie continues to annoy Dario at the bar. If he bothers her so much why is she practically stalking him?

Chloe tells Quinn that she gave the money he gave her for sex to charity. Her favorite charity of course is Chloe Lane Black Horton Jonas.

Rafe asks Sami if she slept with his doppelganger. #uhoh

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