Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday's DOOL episode full of kick ass acting tweets


Terrific acting performances on Monday's episode by Arianne Zucker and Alison Sweeney.  The show starts slowly, but it's worth it to see these women.

Sami asks r2d2 is there was something she needs to know. Sami noticed his clothes were missing. Sami accuses him of moving out.

Stefano examines Rafe's mental hospital room. Stefano is not a happy camper. The doc wants him to let it go. Oh, I'm sure that'll happen.

Rafe's in the woods. His key is on the ground. Nicole shows up at the DiMansion. Has an EFailure kissing flash back.

r2d2 insists he was coming back eventually, not moving out. Sami thinks that r2d2 is trying to push her away to save her.

Sami still wants to save the marriage. Ej wants to discuss something alone with Nicole. Nicole wants Taylor to stay.

Abby walks in on the Salem High gang studying at the Brady Pub when Chad walks in. Stefano says there's no proof that Rafe is dead.
Rafe notices his key is missing. So far this eppy is a snoozer.

r2d2 and Sami discuss starting over. Sami was impressed with r2 finding the kids. Safe2 kisses. Sami wants to check on the kids.

Nicole wants to talk about where Taylor is going to live. Nicole pulls her con by saying she knows they don't like each other. lol

Taylor wants Nicole to stop praising her.

r2d2 wants sex. Sami is trying to distract him. r2d2 calls Dario. The episode just went from bad to worse.

Chad bashes Abby by saying she knows what's best for everyone. Stefano wants Rafe's body. Stefano wants the hospital staff to disappear.

r2d2 is drinking a beer. Sami volunteers to do the laundry. Dario shows up. Nicole asks Taylor what is wrong.

Nicole gets a call. I'm assuming it's the DNA results.

Nichole says it's Chloe. Nicole tells EJ that "when the man that you love dumps you, you need to count on your friends." Great job by Ari

Chabby argue about his hospital internship. He thinks this is about Stefano.

Taylor doesn't want EJ to file for divorce now. That organ music in the background is super annoying. Stefano's home.

Stefano announces to EFailure that the kids were found safe. Stefano asks EJ if he told Nicole about the divorce.

Stefano tells EJ that r2d2 found the kids. He warns EJ that Nicole knows where the knives are. lol

Nicole gets it confirmed that Rafe was the prisoner. Her flunkie matched his DNA to his donated blood he gave when Ari was dying.

r2d2 tells Dario outside his apartment door that he's going to try to work it out with Sami. He wants Dario to keep his affair secret.

Kinsey tells Gabi her family problems. Her father is declaring bankruptcy. Kind of hard to tell your kid that over the phone.

Will doesn't know that Sami is home. T suggests that Will takes Gabi to the Safe apartment for sex.

Abby questions Chad on how he's going to pay for college since the internship doesn't pay much, and he won't take money from Stefano.

Abby is afraid that the DiMeras will turn on Chad. Stefano isn't happy that r2d2 is still in town and hasn't contacted him.
Stefano tells EJ that Rafe's body hasn't been found. Wouldn't it be funny if they found Rafe's body with r2d2 still running around Salem?

Sami overhears Dario promise he won't tell anyone about r2d2 sleeping with a girl the night before. Taylor finds Nicole at the pier.

Taylor offers for Nicole to go with her to see Theo. Nicole leaves.

Kinsey and T leave. Chad invites Gabi back to his mom's place. lmfao She agrees.

Chad denies the DiMeras won't hurt him.

Chad plays the Jack Deveraux father of the year card on Abby. Personal Foul 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.

Chad wants to agree to disagree about Stefano. Wants to stay friends with Abby.

EJ doubts r2d2 will stay in town even if Sami comes back. r2d2 brags his hook up doesn't even live in town. Sami's disgusted.

Dario got his job at the Cheatin Heart as a bartender. Dario warns r2d2 that he has his eye on him. Sami's fuming.

Great performance by Alison Sweeney today. If looks could kill!

Nicole wants a drink at the Cheatin Heart. Taylor nags her on what's wrong. The actresses on are kicking ass today. Bravo.

Will and Gabi get some texts that they can't "study" at Sami's apartment. lol

Sami asks r2d2 if he brought a slut home and slept in their bed. So many jokes here, too little space. lol

Nicole gets her martini. Nicole tells Taylor that she's "loyal and sweet." lmfao Nicole has something to tell her that will freak her out

The episode started slowly, but improved. Great performances by Alison Sweeney and Arianne Zucker. Must watch episode.

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